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Tuesday 30th July 2002

Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe Pocket: Available to Buy
Posted: Tuesday, 30 July 2002

A metal gauntlet is thrown down in Speedball 2.

Speedball 2 is no ordinary sports simulation. This is brutal, fast-action, futuristic sports. There's stylish TV-style presentation and slick metallic high-speed scrolling graphics. When the play starts, the action begins. Train your team, hone your skills, beat the other players to a pulp and then try your hand at winning the ultimate prize—the Speedball Championship. Use skill, tactics, brawn and a multitude of amazing pitch features and pickups to help you win. Speedball 2 is futuristic sports action on your Pocket PC today!

- Stunning, high speed gameplay!
- Team and league management.
- Knock-out and cup competitions.
- 5 levels of difficulty.

See what others have said about the game.

    "If you think NFL Football is fun, you are about to find out what would really be fun in a football game...The sound effects are cool to match the visuals, and the music tracks are straight out of the movie Triple X...The graphics showcase some cool futuristic arena settings...and some really nice still graphics work throughout the grueling game and metallic interface."

    - PDABuyersGuide, August 2002

    "In love all over again...This game is just awesome, IDENTICAL to the genesis version I own, amazing. Everything from the sounds, graphics and the long and deep career mode has been kept in the game. Great work. Go grab this one."

    - A really happy Speedball 2 fan

The above text has been taken from Portable Games web site



You can try and buy the PocketPC version of Speedball 2: Brutual Deluxe via Portable Games’ web site.  Please go to


You can view the official press release about the release of Speedball 2 Pocket here.


Friday 20th July 2002

Posted: Friday, 20 July 2001

The Bitmap Brothers and Crawfish Interactive have issued this press release.

To read the rest, please go here.

Extract taken from a Crawfish Interactive press release


Tuesday 16th July 2002

Speedball 2: GBA: Preview in Nintendo Magazine
Posted: Tuesday, 16 July 2002

In the August edition of the Official Nintendo Magazine there is a preview of our upcoming Crawfish Interactive conversion of Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe to the Gameboy Advance handheld.

    What made the original so addictive was the combination of red hot gameplay and a managment section that allowed players to tweak the specific attributes of the Brutal Deluxe team. We’re pleased to say that they’ve made it into the re-make and there are new features including a link-up mode and brand new teams and players.

Extract taken from Official Nintendo Magazine

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