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Friday 20th July 2001

Posted: Friday, 20 July 2001

The Bitmap Brothers and Crawfish Interactive have issued this press release.

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Friday 6th July 2001 Z: Steel Soldiers Review
Posted: Friday, 06 July 2001 have a review of Z: Steel Soldiers and have given it 8.

    Het originele Z was in 1996 ondanks - of juist dankzij - de wat aparte insteek en gameplay een hit. Een goed gevoel voor humor en een sterke AI waren daar de ingrediŽnten voor. Nu is er een vervolg, met de nodige hoge verwachtingen.

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 July 2001

PC Strategy Player: Z: Steel Soldiers Review
Posted: July 2001

In issue 11 of PC Strategy Player Z: Steel Soldiers and was awarded Game of the Month and 92%.

    Every general since the Vietnam War has secretly harboured the same dream: a totally mechanised army... not just troops riding machine, mark you, but troops that are machines themselves.

    Think of it: not having to submit lengthy casualty lists to the newspapers when their little stratagems don't work, not having to listen to the lower ranks bitching about the lousy food and dangerous conditions and, best of all, the ability to blame the programmers when a battle is lost. With wars only costing nuts, bolts and silicon chips (instead of blood, sweat and tears) only the financial media would take an interest in conflicts. Generals could start wars all the time without fear of press criticism because, without any gory pictures of human mutilation, news editors would relegate war stories to the back pages.

    It would be a would of constant, unregulated, pointless warfare... a military man's Heaven on Earth. Until the bloody machines start getting intelligent enough to be bolshic, that is. Then it'll effectively be back to square one.

    Verdict: With incredible graphics and sound married to some of the best AI in any strategy title, this is a modern classic.

Extract taken from PC Strategy Player  magazine


PC Gameplay: Z: Steel Soldiers Review
Posted: July 2001

PC Gameplay has a review of Z: Steel Soldiers in itís July 2001 issue and it received 8/10.

    Aside from the mindless slaughter that inevitably accompanies it, war's a great thing. It drives the economy, encourages technological development an excuse to make games. In this case, Z: Steel Soldiers, a real-time strategy game that pits the mighty Red and Blue armies against each other across 30 different missions.

    But as is to be expected from a developer that boasts classics such as Xenon and Speedball in its softography, Z: Steel Soldiers is far from a traditional real-time strategy game.

    Verdict: This is one real-time strategy game that wonít bore you to sleep. Top stuff.

Extract taken from PC Gameplay magazine


The Sunday Times: Z: Steel Soldiers Review
Posted: July 2001

Z: Steel Soldiers appeared in The Sunday Times and got 4 stars.

    A common criticism levelled at strategy games is that the array of options can appear bewildering. Steel Soldiers offers an alternative approach, combing simplified gameplay with fast action... Steel Soldiers provides depth of play without being overly complex and makes for a highly enjoyable waste of a weekend.

Extract taken from The Sunday Times newspaper


The Times: Z: Steel Soldiers Review
Posted: July 2001

Z: Steel Soldiers also appeared in The Times and again got 4 stars.

    In this fine and original military strategy game you control miniature soldiers and robots who must kill enemy units and destroy buildings. The game's masterstrokes are the good-humoured dialogue exchanges and animated briefings that compel you to complete all the single-player missions simply to reach the next riotous cartoon sequence. The battlefield graphics may be a little soft on detail, but this game remains an entrancing experience.

Taken from The Times newspaper Z: Steel Soldiers Review
Posted: July 2001

In issue 7 2001 of, Z: Steel Soldiers and was given 8/10

    Prepare for some late nights.

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PC Gamer: Z: Steel Soldiers Review
Posted: July 2001

In PC Gamer this month, there is a review of Z: Steel Soldiers and it received a 87% rating and was Game of Distinction.

    A mean, lean galvanised machine of a strategy tiltle...brought to you today by the letter Z.

    Weíre guessing that somewhere along the lines the Bitmap Brothers missed a meeting. You remember, it was the one where every real-time strategy developer shuffled back to their command centre determined to truly innovate the genre. The one which led to a new stream of painfully realistic, historically accurate, arduous strategy titles accompanied by encyclopaedic manuals, all neatly presented to the gaming public in a flanking position.

    Maybe they were present but were daydreaming about the Xenon-filled days of past glories, or was it just they were simply not listening. They never did, after all...always harking on about how games should above all else, be playable. Whatever the reason, itís clear after just a few plays of Z: Steel Soldiers, that the Bitmap Brothers have been oblivious to the pressure of these trends and decided to stick to their guns. To revel in the pure gaming aspects that first aroused the senses, back in the days when the RTS was a mere glimpse in Westwoodís eye. Forgive the disobedience and be thankful, for Z: Steel Soldiers is a triumph.

Check the review in this monthís magazine.

PC Gamer magazine

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