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Friday 28th July 2000 - PC: Z2 Interview
Posted: Friday, 28 July 2000

    Head of  Development Steve Whittle fills us in on what General Zod has been up to.

    When the Bitmap`s star was in its early nineties ascendancy the studio produced a little RTS simply called Z. The short name hid a pretty lengthy, immersive game, which carved itself a niche in the hearts of strategy gamers everywhere.

To read the rest, please go here.

Extract taken from - PC


Friday 21st July 2000

PCGames: Z2 Preview
Posted: Friday, 21 July 2000

    Schneller als Blitzschach und taktischer als C&C.  Die Bitmap Brothers.

Extract taken from PCGames magazine


Monday 17th July 2000

The Adreanline Vault: Interview: Bitmap Brothers on Z2
Posted: Monday, 17 July 2000 12:31am CT

    Step aside, Ground Control. Z2 is coming. As 3D worlds seduce more real-time strategic game fans, a celebrated but clandestine group of hard-charging UK developers called the Bitmap Brothers has been preparing its own contribution to this bristling trend: the long-awaited sequel to the best-seller, Z. In production at the Bitmaps' London studios, the game has all the tactical and arcade moxie of Z along with smarter AI, more weapons and vehicles, bigger maps and more. The Adrenaline Vault was able to hunt down the group for a brief Q&A about the upcoming sequel.

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Extract taken from The Adrenaline Vault


Wednesday 12th July 2000

GameSpot UK: The Brothers Are Going To Z It Out!
Posted: Wednesday, 12 July 2000 16:12pm GMT

    Mike Montgomery is managing director of a small and perfectly-formed UK developer. Unlike The Lost Toys or Lionhead it is not ex-Bullfrog or, in fact, ex anything. For the Bitmap Brothers have been around since the golden age of computing gaming (that's mid-80s). They took the charts by storm and pushed the industry to new heights with Xenon, The Chaos Engine, Speedball I & II, plus Z. From the Spectrum to the PlayStation, the Bitmap Brothers have pushed innovation, while scoring massive chart success.

To read the rest, please go here or go to the GameSpot UK page here (page has been moved).

Extract taken from GameSpot UK


Monday 3rd July 2000

The Times: Anyone for the craziest game of tennis?
Posted: Monday, 03 July 2000

The Times newspaper has an article in their ‘Interface’ supplement on Speedball 2100.

    It may have violence at its heart, but Speedball, one of the first games blockbusters and an enduring favourite, was inspired by the genteel pursuit of Real Tennis.

Extract taken from The Times newspaper - Interface


July 2000

Power: Speedball 2100 Preview
Posted July 2000

    First Look: An upgrade of the fully-fledged-tastic futuristic American football meets basketball meets soccer game of the early 90s?  Phew!!

Extract taken form Power - The PlayStation Mag


PlayPowerStation: Speedball 2100 Preview
Posted: July 2000

    Prima Visione: Aggiornamento di un classico degli anni '90: una versione futuristica del football amercicano... e altro ancora!

Extract taken from PlayPowerStation

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