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Tuesday 31st October 2000

Computer and Video Games: Z2 takes on Steel Soldiers
Posted: Tuesday, 31 October 2000

    The latest in the Bitmap Brothers’ real-time strategy series, Z, has been renamed Z: Steel Soldiers and will be released in Spring 2001...

    Everyone pays attention when the Bitmap Brothers make a move. The Company’s second foray into the world of real-time strategy games is billed as an arcade strategy title, placing the emphasis on wicked explosions and, we suppose, lots of loud noise.

To read the rest, please go here (page has been moved).

Extract taken from Computer and Video Games Z2 steels itself a new title
Posted: Tuesday, 31 October 2000

    For the last few weeks veteran Britsoft developers the Bitmap Brothers have been racking their brains, trying to come up with a new title for their 3D real-time strategy sequel "Z2". And now all that pondering is over, with the new title confirmed as "Z : Steel Soldiers". Due for release through new British publisher Eon Digital in the spring of 2001, the sequel moves the action 500 years further into the future and features a brand new 3D engine to replace the 2D sprites of the original. The Bitmap Brothers are describing the game as "arcade strategy", with the focus on fast-paced action and capturing terrain for strategic and resource gathering purposes. Hopefully we should have a clearer idea of exactly what they're up to soon...

Taken from Z: Steel Soldiers Preview
Posted: Tuesday, 31 October 2000

    While initial thoughts may be that Z: Steel Soldiers is another recruit to the growing army of real time strategy games, Z: Steel Soldiers should be viewed as an arcade strategy title with the emphasis firmly on action, the players' combat decisions and their subsequent consequences.

To read the rest, please go here (page has been moved).

Extract taken from


Monday 30th October 2000

EON Digital Entertainment

Z2 changes to Z: Steel Soldiers
Posted: Monday, 30 October 2000

To read the rest, please go here.

EON Digital Entertainment


GameSpot UK: Exclusive - Z2 In Name Change Shock
Posted: Monday, 30 October 2000 13:09pm GMT

    We've got the scoop on the new title of the Bitmap’s sci-fi real-time strategy game.

    Eon Digital has announced that its forthcoming real-time strategy game from veteran developer The Bitmap Brothers will be known as Z: Steel Soldiers.

To read the rest, please go here (page has been moved).

Extract taken from GameSpot UK


Tuesday 24th October 2000

Fantata Games: Speedball 2100 Review
Posted: Tuesday, 24 October 2000

Fantata Games have given Speedball 2100 a 91% rating.

    The Bitmap Brothers are a name that most gamers have heard of. For those that don't know, back in the days of the Amiga, the Bitmap Brothers left there mark with a string of hit games. Their first release, in January 1988, was the top down shoot 'em up, Xenon. Many people will tell you that Xenon was the single game that set the standard for 16-Bit gaming. It paved the way for the original Speedball and Xenon 2 in 1989. These two games are still today regarded by many as Genre defining Classics. Now, 10 years after Speedball 2 on the Amiga, we find ourselves once again picking up the reins of Brutal Deluxe - Pass me my thunder-thighs.

To read the rest, please go here (link might be dead now).

Extract taken from Fantata Games


Friday 20th October 2000

Xenon 2000: Project PCF

Xenon 2000: Project PCF: Part One and Interview in PC Format
Posted Friday, 20 October 2000

PC Format have published the first part of How To Code Xenon 2000: Project PCF.  Part 1 gets you started, showing you the basics and how to set up the tools required and the directory structure.

There is also a massive interview with the guys.

Part 2 will be in the December issue, out 13th November.

PC Format

Thursday 19th October 2000

Sky Text: Speedball 2100 Review
Posted: Thursday, 19 October 2000

    In the days when the Amiga was the games machine to have, Bitmap Brothers' Speedball 2 was the most exciting and playable sports games available for it.  The game takes elements from hockey and rugby, but the arena looks like a pinball machine and the players look like American footballers with their huge pads and metallic armour.

To read the rest, please go on to Sky Text (probably not there any more)

Extract taken from Sky Text


Tuesday 17th October 2000

The Daily Telefrag: Z: Steel Soldiers Screenshots: Changing looks?
Posted: Tuesday, 17 December 2000 00;09

The Russian site, Daily Telefrag has more new screenshots of Z: Steel Soliders on it’s site here.

Check out their Z: Steel Soldiers site here.

The Daily Telefrag


Saturday 14th October 2000 Bitmap Brothers Interview
Posted: Saturday, 14 October 2000 16:38pm

    1. Tell us the history of The Bitmap Brothers, how did you guys (and girls) get started?

    Founded in 1987 by Steve Kelly, Mike Montgomery and Eric Matthews the Bitmap Brothers were the original 'rockstar' developers - a small, but highly successful development team that prized quality over quantity, and depth over glitz. Originally set up to develop the game Xenon.

To read the rest, please go here or go to the page here.

Extract taken from


Northern Echo: Putting Harrogate on the gamers' map
Posted: Saturday, 14 October 2000

    A North Yorkshire spa town seems an unlikely place for one of the UK's best known video game companies to establish a satellite outpost but that's exactly what the Bitmap Brothers did two years ago.

To read the rest, please go to the This Is The North East web site here (page has been moved).

Extract taken from This Is The North East (Northern Echo newspaper)


Thursday 12th October 2000

Guardian Unlimited: Games Reviews - Speedball 2100
Posted: Thursday, 12 October 2000

    Anything goes in the marvel of Speedball

    Back in the days when home computer meant Amiga or Atari, there was a future sport game that transcended its humble roots to become a benchmark for the genre.

To read the rest, please go here.

Extract taken from Guardian Unlimited


BBC’s Gamezine: Speedball Review
Posted: Thursday, 12 October 2000

On Ceefax, the BBC’s Gamezine gave Speedball 2100 8/10.

Please see Gamezine on BBC1`s Ceefax.

Taken from the BBC’s Ceefax Speedball 2100 Competition
Posted: Thursday, 12 October 2000

    Empire Interactive have just released their new Speedball 2100 game. One of the most eagerly awaited PlayStation games, Speedball 2100 is dark and dangerous, with the action taking place within the stark, metallic walls of a large arena. The aim of the game is to slam a solid metal ball into the opposing goal.
    Each player enters the arena wearing heavy body armour and the game itself mixes sheer brutality with intricate passing and skilled shooting. Bone-crunching tackles and deft attacks will soon become second nature and a wealth of tournaments and leagues await the player as their skills with the metal ball grow.
    We have a PlayStation 1 and a copy of Speadball 2100 plus a T-shirt for our lucky first prize winner. Runners up will each receive a copy of the Speadball 2100 game and a T-shirt.

Taken from

To enter the competition, please go to GMTV`s web site at and select Competitions where you’ll find the Speedball compo.

Competition closes 5pm Thursday 9th November 2000.


Friday 6th October 2000

MCV: Xenon to get GB revamp
Posted: Friday, 06 October 2000

    The Bitmap Brothers could resurrect Xenon for a variety of formats including Game Boy Advance.

    The team was asked to code an updated level of the game, Xenon 2000, for PC Format and is now considering a full update.

    "It's a shame everything has to be in 3D these days, especially when this looks so good. Its style is well suited to Game Boy Advance though. There's a good chance it could appear on that format," said MD Mike Montgomery.

Taken from MCV


Thursday 5th October 2000 Bitmap Brothers Interview
Posted: Tuesday, 05 October 2000

    Bitmap Brothers Interview
    The creators of Z, Speedball and countless classics discuss their past and future.

    I'm probably betraying my age by divulging that the Bitmap Brothers, a UK-based development team, has always been one of my favorite gang of coders. Back in the good old days when I had an Amiga 500 planted firmly on my desk, any game by the Bitmap Brothers was cause for sleepless nights. So many awesome games, including Speedball, Speedball 2, Cadaver, Chaos Engine, Gods, Magic Pockets, Xenon and its amazing sequel, Xenon 2. Their last title was Z, a real-time strategy game along the lines of Command & Conquer, released back in 1996 to much acclaim, thanks to its tongue-in-cheek humor and addictive gameplay. Over four years later, there has been a noticeable absence of the Bitmap Brothers. Fortunately, they haven't disappeared. Soon enough, two new games will emerge in the form of Speedball 2100 and Z2. As it turns out, the Bitmap Brothers have been very busy working on new technologies and the fruits of their labor will be unleashed over the coming years. In anticipation of the return of the Bitmap Brothers, I was able to corner the father of the company, Mr. Mike Montgomery.

To read the rest, please go here or go to the page here (link is dead now).

Extract taken from


Wednesday 4th October 2000

GameSpot UK: Speedball 2100 Review
Posted: Wednesday, 04 October 2000

Rating 7.6/10

    When the Bitmap Brothers' Speedball 2 was released on the Amiga all those years ago it was, without question, one of the most exciting and playable sports games around. This violent, metallic sport incorporated elements of ice hockey, American football and even pinball tables - the result was every bit as thrilling as you'd expect.

To read the rest, please go here (page has been moved).

Extract taken from GameSpot UK


Tuesday 3rd October 2000

The Right Stuff: Objects of Desire - Mike Montgomery on his boat
Posted: Tuesday, 03 October 2000

Mike Montgomery appears in the dottv show (a Sky technology channel), The Right Stuff, speaking about his boat.

The Right Stuff


Monday 2nd October 2000

Official UK PlayStation Magazine: Speedball 2100 Review
Posted: Monday, 02 October 2000

It received 7/10.

    Will older players enjoy an acuurate remake of a game they owned nearly a decade ago?

Extract take from Official UK PlayStation Magazine Mega Speedball 2100 Giveaway
Posted: Monday, 02 October 2000 15:14:36pm GMT

    Win copies of Speedball 2100, Rollerball on DVD + T-shirts

    Ever since Speedball 2100 turned up it's been the office multiplayer game of choice, and we've spent most of our spare minutes wanging metal objects about and slamming each other into walls. We don't just play y'see - we live this life!

    If you don't know what Speedball 2100 is all about go read the review.

    Since we're bezza mates with the Bitmap Brothers and Empire Interactive, they've agreed to supply 10 copies of Speedball 2100 on the PlayStation, 10 DVDs of the classic movie Rollerball starring James Caan plus ten Speedball 2100 T-shirts for us to giveaway.

    Of course we can't give prizes like these away to just anybody. Therefore we've come up with a cunning series of questions to test your suitability.

To read the rest, please go here (page has been moved).

Extract taken from


GameSpot UK: Win Speedball 2100
Posted: Wednesday, 04 October 2000

    Win Speedball 2100 (PS)

    Speedball 2 for the Amiga is one of the most playable sports titles ever conceived, and at long last the Bitmap Brothers have decided to bring the sport to the PlayStation.

    Assuming control of one of the lowliest teams in the Speedball league, your task as player or manager is to take them to the top. To achieve this you'll need to work your players hard in the gym, master numerous different ways of scoring points in the arena and maybe even invest your winnings in a star player or two.

    Do you think you might have what it takes to win the Speedball league? If so, don't miss out on this chance to win a free copy. I Can Do It (link is out of date).

To read the rest, please go here (link is out of date).

Extract taken from GameSpot UK


October 2000

PSX Nation: Speedball 2100
Posted: October 2000

PSX Nation give Speedball 2100 79%

    Once upon a time a game known as Speedball appeared on a little system called the Amiga and other systems that introduced the world to futuristic sports. The game was Speedball and it gained a cult following that is still active to this day. So Bitmap Brothers, the original creators decided to create a sequel for our beloved PlayStation and Take 2's distribution deal is bringing us an update of this sleeper hit at the low price

To read the rest, please go here (link might be dead now).

Extract taken from PSX Nation


PC Gamer: Grand Designs: Jamie Barber
Posted: October 2000

Jamie Barber gives his views on 4 game designs in the Autumn issue of PC Gamer magazine.

PC Gamer magazine


PC Gaming World: Z2 - ECTS Special
Posted: October 2000

There is a small report on Z2 from the computer trade show, ECTS in PC Gaming World’s October issue.

    The words 'real-time strategy' and 'excitement' have not been comfortable bedfellows for the past few years, but the hectic game environment of Z2 looks set to change all that.

Extract take from PC Gaming World magazine


game.exe: Rules of Engagement
Posted: October 2000

The Russian magazine, game.exe, has a Z2 preview in their October issue. You can see the front cover here.

You can view the other pages of the preview here.

game.exe magazine

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