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Monday 26th March 2001

The Adrenaline Vault: Z: Steel Soldiers Preview
Posted: Monday, 26 March 2001

AVault have a preview of Z: Steel Soldiers on their site.

    Step aside Ground Control. Z2 is coming. As 3D worlds seduce more real-time strategic game fans a celebrated group of hard-charging UK developers called the Bitmap Brothers has been preparing its own contribution to this bristling trend: the long-awaited sequel to their best-selling Z. In production at Bitmap London -- Steel Soldiers has all the tactical moxie of Z and a lot more of its explosive action.

To read the rest, please go here.

Extract taken from The Adrenaline Vault


Sunday 25th March 2001

The Godfathers of Gaming - The 24 Most Influencial Forces In Gaming

GameSpot UK: The Godfathers of Gaming - Mike Montgomery
Posted: Sunday, 25 March 2001

GameSpot UK have been running a special feature these last five days entitled ‘The Godfathers of Gaming’. Mike Montgomery, Managing Director of the Bitmap Brothers, appeared in today’s article.

    He packed in a career as a Woolies store manager to work in videogames: bet Mike Montgomery misses the Pick & Mix.

    Mike Montgomery

To read the rest, please go here.

Extract taken from GameSpot UK


Wednesday 21st March 2001 Z: Steel Soldiers Preview
Posted: Wednesday, 21 March 2001

    The Bitmap Brothers return to the PC
    If you'll jump into the wayback machine, young Sherman, we'll head back to 1996 and look at a little RTS title named Z (pronounced "Zed") by the BitMap Brothers. Quite successful outside the United States, it ended up selling over 500,000 copies worldwide. Z was a 2D top-down realtime strategy game that replaced the resource systems of other RTS games like C&C and Warcraft with a territory-based credit model. Control more territories, get more credits, buy more stuff -- forget the ore, vespene gas or tiberium, Z was all about controlling flags. Well, it's five years, later and the Bitmap Brothers dropped by our offices to show off the successor to Z, Steel Soldiers.

To read the rest, please go here (link might be dead now).

Extract taken from


GameGirlz: Z: Steel Soldiers Preview - Interview with Jamie Barber
Posted: Wednesday, 21 March 2001

GameGirlz has an interview with Z: Steel Soldiers’ Lead Designer, Jamie Barber on their site.

    Z: Steel Soldiers is the sequel to the 1996 bestseller Z. It is currently in development at the Bitmaps London studios, and is expected to be released soon. We recently caught up with Jamie Barber, the Lead Designer on Z: Steel Soldiers at The Bitmap Brothers to find out a bit more on this upcoming title.

    How does ZSS relate to the first game, 'Z'? Is it a continuation with familiar settings and goals?

    [Jamie Barber]: Yes and no. Steel Soldiers takes the core game play functionality that was found in the original Z and mixes it in with a much deeper but as accessible experience. The territory system has been revised to provide a resource whereas before it used to affect your manufacturing facilities build times. The Characters that appeared in the original are all back with many others and have been integrated into the plot that underlies the game. The original was basically a 20 level game that was interspersed with cut scenes that provided a comical interlude. Now that has all changed, as each new cut scene unravels more plot elements to the player, but in a comical way.

To read the rest, please of here.

Extract taken from GameGirlz


 March 2001

Xenon 2000: Project PCF

Xenon 2000: Project PCF: Full Game on Cover Disk
Posted: March 2001

PC Format have the full game of Xenon 2000: Project PCF on their cover disk in this month’s issue.

Check out their April 2001 issue.


PC Format

Thursday 15th March 2001

MeriStation: Z: Steel Soldiers Preview
Posted: Thursday, 15 March 2001

The online Spanish magazine, MeriStation, has a preview and interview on Z: Steel Soldiers.

    Bitmap Brothers. Sólo leer este nombre me trae recuerdos de cuando jugaba a Speedball en el Amiga 500 o a Xenon y Chaos Engine en mi 386. El último juego que disfruté de esta compañía fue Z, y van a sacar la segunda parte pronto (podéis ver el avance del juego pinchando aquí), así que decidimos preguntarles algunas cosas acerca de lo que queríamos saber. Aquí tenéis el resultado.

    Meristation Magazine: Antes de nada, muchas gracias por tomaros el tiempo necesario para responder estas preguntas. Por favor, preséntate y cuéntanos lo que haces en Bitmap Brothers.

To read the rest, please go to here (interview).  The preview is here.

Extract take from MeriStation


Friday 9th March 2001

PC Zone: Z: Steel Soldiers - WORLD EXCLUSIVE REVIEW - 90%
Posted: Friday, 09 March 2001

PC Zone have published their World Exclusive Review of Z: Steel Soldiers and have given the game 90% and a PC Zone Classic rating.

Here are some quotes from the review:

    "It is clear that each map, unit and mission has been designed to complement one another perfectly"

    "For all the subtle varieties in gameplay and high degree of thought that has evidently gone into the game, it doesn't so much push the boundaries forward as punch a hole in them one through which other games are unlikely to follow"

    "The simple fact is Z: Steel Soldiers is a truly excellent game"

    "...easily up to the high standard The Bitmap Brothers have set themselves in the past"

    "It will provide new challenges to seasoned wargamers, and for those bored into submission after countless C&C clones, I can guarantee this game will re-ignite your passion for strategy games"

    "...a victory for gameplay"

    "The rich spread of strategies arises from a complex and almost human-like intelligence on the part of your opponent"


    - Fast and a lot of fun
    - Simple ideas superbly executed
    - Clever map design
    - Superlative AI
    - Fantastic use of ambient sounds

    Strategy has rarely been this much fun

PC Zone magazine


GamesDomain: Z: Steel Soldiers Preview - Part Two
Posted: Friday, 09 March 2001

GamesDomain have a big two part preview of Z: Steel Soldiers on their site.

    In the first part of our Z: Steel Soldiers interview with lead designer Jamie Barber and co-founder Mike Montgomery of Bitmap Brothers, we talked about the cut-scenes, graphics and the gameplay of their upcoming RTS sequel. Now join us as we delve further into the world of Steel Soldiers and face the enemy that you must defeat.

    One of the features that Jamie and Mike are most proud of in the game is the artificial intelligence. "What amazes us about the game's AI is that it plays so differently every time. We love watching people play and figuring out what the AI is planning," Mike commented.

To read the rest, please go here.

Extract taken from GamesDomain


Thursday 8th March 2001

GamesDomain: Z: Steel Soldiers Preview - Part One
Posted: Thursday, 08 March 2001

GamesDomain have a big two part preview of Z: Steel Soldiers on their site.

    Almost everybody knows about the Bitmap Brothers. Whether you are a PlayStation newcomer (Speedball 2100) or a life-long gamer (who can forget the 16-bit classics Gods, Xenon and Chaos Engine?), this developer has been around almost as long as the home computer itself. Games Domain jumped at the chance to catch-up with the company's latest project, Z: Steel Soldiers, and have a chat with lead designer Jamie Barber and co-founder Mike Montgomery about this next dip into the real-time strategy pool.

To read the rest, please go here.  Second part will appear online tomorrow.

Extract taken from GamesDomain


March 2001

RealGamer: Z: Steel Soldiers Preview
Posted: March 2001

The Benelux online gaming magazine, RealGamer, has a preview of Z: Steel Soldiers in this month’s issue.

Also, check out the Captain Zod front cover here.

RealGamer Front Cover

Extract taken from RealGamer

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