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Saturday 30th June 2001

Movies, Games and Videos: Z: teel Soldiers Review
Posted: Saturday, 30 June 2001

Z: Steel Soldiers appeared on today’s Movies, Games and Videos TV show and recevied a warm review.

Movies, Games and Videos


Thursday 28th June 2001

Cybernet: Z: Steel Soldiers Review
Posted: Thursday,  28 June 2001

Z: Steel Soldiers also appeared on today’s Cybernet and again recevied a good review.



MGON: Z: Steel Soldiers Interview
Posted: Thursday, 28 June 2001

Media and Games Online Network (MGON) have published an interview for Z: Steel Soldiers.

    Well Z: Steel Soldiers is here and it is a kick-ass real time strategy effort indeed. We thought it might be a good time to chat with Mike Montgomery. He is the Managing Director, co founder and key creative force behind the game, and the ever-affable Mike was happy to lend MGON his time.

    Z2: Steel Soldiers
    Steve : Why have you decided to finally revisit the Z universe?

    Mike : We started work on Z:Steel Soldiers as soon as we’d completed the original Z as we always wanted to use a proper 3D engine for the game.

To read the rest, please go here.

Extract taken from MGON


Tuesday 26th June 2001

Computer & Video Games: Z: Steel Soldiers Review
Posted: Tuesday, 26 June 2001

Computer & Video Games have given Z: Steel Soldiers a 4 star rating.

    The gameplay is intentionally skewed to be played at a hundred miles an hour, making it the best choice if you're planning to subduct a clean living console gamer in to your world of strategic sin. The fact that it's non-human warfare opens up class new attacks like the computer virus, balanced with act of god cataclysms like the meteor storm.

To read the rest, please go here.

Extract taken from Computer & Video Games


MGON: Z: Steel Soldiers Review
Posted: Tuesday, 26 June 2001

Media and Games Online Network (MGON) gave Z: Steel Soldiers 9/10.

    The original Z, which was released around five years ago, was a real time strategy game which at the time was prepared to be a little different. The game was released at a time when ‘me too’ Command and Conquer clones were coming thick and fast. However Z stood out because it had a different economic model, a different approach to combat and Z also had a flavour all of its own.

    Verdict: This is a brilliant game, and even though it might not be in the spotlight as much as it deserves you must check it out if you are even vaguely curious. We just hope they release a swearing speech pack, like they did with the original!

To read the rest, please go here.

Extract taken from MGON


Monday 25th June 2001

HQGaming: Z: Steel Soldiers Review
Posted: Monday, 25 June 2001

We recevied the accolade of ‘The most enjoyable RTS since Dune 2’ for Z: Steel Soldiers from HQGaming.

    Memories of playing Xenon for hours and hours on the Atari St, even more hours playing Speedball and Speedball 2 on the Sega Megadrive/Genesis, and in the dawn of RTS of the PC the original Z. Westwood still held the RTS crown back when DOS was still king. They had dusted off the RTS genre and given it a twist, and yank, and pulled it blinking into bright monitor light. Dune 2 was a certifiable hit, Command and Conquer was pulling in 200,000+ sales, and little known Brit software house, The Bitmap Brothers (no relation apparantly), pulled of a coup by bringing a slightly warped sense of the future to the PC gaming world. Z was born. Z was arguably the best other RTS until Total Annihilation brought us to our knees some years later, but now the sequel has arrived.

To read the rest, please go here.

Extract taken from HQGaming


Sunday 17th June 2001

GameSpy: Z: Steel Soldiers Review
Posted: Monday, 25 June 2001

GameSpy gave Z: Steel Soldiers a total rating of 88.

    Captain Zod and the boys are back in the 3D sequel to 1996's underrated Z.
    Back in 1996, a group of British developers, The Bitmap Brothers, unleashed their highly enjoyable and humorous arcade-style take on the real-time strategy genre. That would be the now fondly -- some would say vaguely -- remembered Z (Zed in the mother tongue, not Zee). To proclaim that it was merely another Command & Conqueror clone would have been dismissing Z out of hand, not to mention being in bad form.

    Design: Nice 3D effects; simplified interface; cutscenes well done; interesting story; lots of humor; aggressive, unpredictable enemy AI; you can blow things up.

    Technical: No bugs; performance tweakable for most systems.

    Verdict: A combat intensive 3D RTS that plays fast and smart, with clever AI and an engaging story propelled campaign. It's not going to change the face of gaming, but it will give you a ton of tactical fun and it's also has character to boot.

To read the rest, please go here.

Extract taken from GameSpy


Thursday 14th June 2001 Z: Steel Soldiers Interview
Posted: Thursday, 14 June 2001

There is a Z: Steel Soldiers interview on

    We get a chance to ask the president of the Bitmap Bros. about their new RTS.

    With the arrival of Steel Soldiers in the stores as early as tomorrow, we decided to send some questions off to the folks at Bitmap Brothers to get the final lowdown on their interesting little 3D RTS. Lucky for us, the president of the company, Mike Montgomery, was available to answer them.

To read the rest, please go here.

Extract taken from


Tuesday 5th June 2001

Game Network: Z: Steel Soldiers Preview
Posted: Tuesday, 05 June 2001

A preview has been uploaded to Game Network for Z: Steel Soldiers.

    In the future, men won’t fight any more wars. Taking positions on the battlefield will be taken care of by very sophisticated androids. What won’t change is the motivation of the conflicts, which will obviously be economical. The first war between the two megacorporations, TransGlobal and MegaComm, lasted more than 500 years, and ended a short time ago, when Captain Zod, for some reason or another, fanned the flames of a new conflict. While half the Universe was screaming about the disaster, only one robot lit his cigar with satisfaction, while watching his troops prepare to begin a new conflict...

To read the rest, please go here.

Extract taken from Game Network


June 2001

Micro Mania: Z: Steel Soldiers Review
Posted: June 2001

Micro Mania (one of the biggest magazines in Spain) has awarded Z: Steel Soldiers with 91% MegaGame Recommended Game Award!

Micro Mania magazine


Digitiser: Z: Steel Soldiers Review
Posted: June 2001

Digitiser on Channel 4 (page 480) gave Z: Steel Soldiers 4/5.

    We feel pretty darn cheated that here we are living in the space year 2001AD and we don't even have a robot butler to service our every need.

    Let's face it kiddies; we've been conned.  The sci-fi vision of the future never happened.

    Instead of hover cars and robot butlers and personal reality headsets the only significant technological development of the 21st century thus far has been afordable lava lamps and plasma balls.  At least Steel Soldiers tells it like it should have been.

    The original Z had the misfortune to be released more or less at the same time as Command and Conquer, and not be quite as good.

    Five years on the return of the warring robots is a much more attractive proposition - and it manages to rewrite many of the rules of real time strategy games.

    It's still very point and click, but gathering the resources to fuel your war machines is a matter of turning the game map the same colour as your army.

    Far more frantic (and funnier), and immediately gratifying, than the likes of Red Alert and Age of Empires, Steel Soldiers keeps the game interface to a minimum of drop down menus.

    In many respects, it almost plays like an arcade game - had arcades ever played host to real-time strategy.

    Also of note are the graphics. Yes, it's the same old 3D mix of desert and tundra, but the spot effects, explosions and the like bring the game alive...

    Best bits: If you have a decent PC it's a gorgeous, smooth experience. Immediately very addictive...

Taken from Digitiser


Gameswire: Z: Steel Soldiers Review
Posted: June 2001

Gameswire gives Z: Steel Soldiers a 5 star rating

    Alright, so you’ve mastered Red Alert, and played Ground Control until your mouse bled, and you think you’re the messiah of real-time strategy games, but you’re not too sure about whether the Bitmap Brothers’ latest creation, Z: Steel Soldiers will live up to your high standards, right? Ok, well through the magic of words, and using the ancient art of keyboard pressing, passed down to me from my mother, I intend to, as eloquently as possible, explain just why you should own this game:


To read the rest, please go here.

Extract taken from Gameswire Z: Steel Soldiers Preview
Posted: June 2001 had a preview of Z: Steel Soldiers on it’s site.

    Unlike many titles where aesthetics have taken precedence over gameplay it’s the other way around in Z: STEEL SOLDIERS. Don’t misunderstand me…! The graphics are great and, although each battlefield has similar characteristics, they are beautifully created and almost scenic. Each of the units are also nicely done and include choppers, jets, mobile radar units, missile launchers, ships, tanks and artillery (plus all the other paraphernalia associated with RTS construction) but the hard work normally associated with RTS titles has been removed so that players can concentrate mainly on combat action.

To read the rest, please go here.

Extract taken from

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