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Wednesday 21st June 2000 Interview: Bitmap Brothers, Speedball 2100
Posted: Wednesday, 21 June 2000

    In the 1980s, there was a trio of musicians named Thompson Twins that had a string of new-wave radio hits. Many Americans who grew up in that decade remember the band fondly, as their songs elicit nostalgic feelings of that idealistic time. The band's name is interesting, however, in that none of the three were named Thompson and no two of them were twins

    Also in the 1980s, a group of British game programmers called Bitmap Brothers had a string of videogame hits. This culminated in 1988 with the release of Speedball on such venerable platforms as the original Nintendo Entertainment System, Commodore 64, Sega Master System, and the Amiga. The development team's name was also interesting in that none of them were named Bitmap and no two of them were brothers.

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Thursday 15th June 2000

Guardian Unlimited: Raiders of the lost art
Posted: Thursday, 15 June 2000

    It's often said that the expanding videogame industry is beginning to resemble Hollywood with the big players such as Eidos and Infogrames dominating the scene like the old moguls.

    The gamers have also cottoned on to another celluloid trend: the remake. Just as Hollywood has seized on old classics like Psycho and reshot them, old favourites such as Pong and Asteroids have been spruced up and placed in front of PlayStation owners, many of whom would have been in nappies when the originals appeared.

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Extract taken from Guardian Unlimited newspaper


June 2000

PC Zone: The World According To...The Bitmap Brothers
Posted: June 2000

See the interview on Z2 and the Bitmap Brothers in the June 2000 issue (#90) of PC Zone magazine.

    ‘Its very hard to be independent these days, financially.  Games take a lot longer now, the teams are a lot bigger, the risks are greater’, Mike Montgomery.

    They’re 16-bit heroes and founders of the Britsoft movement...

Extract taken from PC Zone magazine


PC Zone:The History of Games: Part One: Programming: John M Phillips
Posted: June 2000

In the same issue of PC Zone magazine, the Bitmap Brothers’ Senior 3D Programmer, John Phillips, was included in a special feature of the history of games.

Extract taken from PC Zone magazine


Arcade: Speedball Preview
Posted: June 2000

    The Bitmap Brothers finest hour all over again.

Extract taken from Arcade magazine


Extreme: Speedball 2100 Preview
Posted: June 2000

    The Bitmaps face-busting future-sport is back, and back with a kick in the teeth.

Extract taken from Extreme magazine

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