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Wednesday 31st January 2001

Xenon 2000: Project PCF

Xenon 2000: Project PCF: Part Five in PC Format
Posted: Wednesday, 31 January 2001

PC Format have published the fifth part of How To Code Xenon 2000: Project PCF.  Part 5 will show you how to make weapons and bullets trigger sound effects.

Part 6 will be in the March 2001 issue, out February 2001.

PC Format

Thursday 25th January 2001

Job Vacancies at The Bitmap Brothers
Posted: Thursday, 25 January 2001

We currently have vacancies for Artists, Programmers and Level Designers.  Details are below.

Jobs at The Bitmap Brothers

Artists - Must have medium-low poly modelling and excellent texture skills, games experience in using 3DSMAX, Maya, Photoshop or Etch-a-sketch.  You will have good visualisation skills and be able to produce or work from concept art for in-game graphics. We are also looking for an exceptional concept artist who is flexible enough to work on in-game art and, right through to box art and marketing materials. At least 3 years experience of computer game graphics is preferable.

C++ Programmers - Applicants will preferably have worked on at least one published title and have at least 3 years industry experience.  A good knowledge of general game programming techniques and good communication skills is essential.  Experience with Visual Studio preferred.

Level Designers - With imagination, enthusiasm, an in-depth understanding of games and good communication skills.  Either industry experienced, or send examples of work, especially RTS and Unreal/Quake3 levels.

Please send a CV and examples of work either on video or CD to: Abby Hains, The Bitmap Brothers, C1L Metropolitan Wharf, Wapping wall, London E1W 3SS or E-mail:


Monday 22nd January 2001 Z: Steel Soldiers Special Week 3
Posted: Monday, 22 January 2001

    De afgelopen weken hebben we in een aantal specials allerlei informatie gegeven over het nieuwe RTS Z: Steel Soldiers. Wat echter nog miste is informatie over de personen achters de game. Deze week zetten we dat direct recht en brengen we je een tweetal interviews met een ontwerper en een geluidstechnicus, die beide werken aan Zss. Zij vertellen over hun achtergrond, het productieproces, de problemen die ze zijn tegengekomen en hun favoriete games...

To read the rest, please go here (link might be dead now).

Extract taken from


Thursday 18th January 2001 Z: Steel Soldiers Special Week 2
Posted: Thursday, 18 January 2001

    In 1987 begonnen Steve Kelly, Mike Montgomery en Eric Matthews de ontwikkelstudio Bitmap Brothers. Ze werden al snel bekend als ontwikkelaars die voor kleinschalige, maar kwalitatief hoogwaardige games zorgden. Ze streefden bij de ontwikkeling van games naar originaliteit, aandacht voor detail en goede speelbaarheid. Hierdoor is het bedrijf verantwoordelijk voor een aantal gedenkwaardige titels, dat is uitgebracht op een uitgebreid scala aan platforms. Ze begonnen met games voor de Commodore 64 en maken nu games voor de PC en consoles...

To read the rest, please go here (link might be dead now).

Extract taken from


Wednesday 17th January 2001


NSPCC/EQV - Game-athon
Posted: Wednesday, 17 January 2001

EQV is currently organising as part of its annual NSPCC event, a 25 hour computer game-athon, playing networked computer games with the objective of raising awareness and as much money as possible for the NSPCC.  They have run similar events for the last 3 years and have raised over £6000.  EQV are hoping to increase that figure this year but we need your help to do it.

The event will take place on the 27th January 2001.

To help promote the main event EQV are also running an online auction on their web site at

If you can help, or for further information please send an e-mail direct to Mike Bates of EQV at



PC Gameplay: Z: Steel Soldiers Preview
Posted: Wednesday, 17 January 2001

PC Gameplay has a preview of Z: Steel Soldiers in it’s February 2001 issue (issue 9).  There is also a five minute video report on their cover CD (a better version on the DVD).

    War needn't be hell. Exactly the opposite in fact, as The Bitmap Brothers will be looking to prove.

    Take a classic strategy game, spruce it up with flashy 3D graphics, add 30 unique units, mix in 30 missions and what have you got? Z: Steel Soldiers - the long awaitied follow-up to the number one smash-hit, Z.

Extract taken from PC Gameplay magazine


Saturday 13th January 2001

Blam!: Z: Steel Soldiers Preview
Posted: Saturday, 13 January 2001

Mike has appeared on Sky One’s Blam TV programme. have put up a clip from show on their site, with Mike previewing Z: Steel Soldiers.  To view it, please go here (link might be dead now). You can view all the clips at (link might be dead now).



Friday 12th January 2001

Edge: Ed Bartlett Column: Making it BIG when you're small
Posted: Friday, 12, January 2001

Our game designer, Ed Bartlett, has written a column on Edge’s (the UK games magazine) web site, entitled ‘Making it BIG when you're small’.  Check out the article on Edge's web site here.

    The Bitmap Brothers designer asks if it's possible for small companies to make it in an industry dominated by mega-publishers and conglomerates.

    The videogame industry has been a worrying place of late. Part of our problem has been trying to grow too fast, running before we can walk – call it what you will. After the phenomenal success of PlayStation numerous developers and publishers, sick of the boom/bust cycle of game development, got dollar signs in their eyes at the prospects of being listed on the ALM. Here was a way of both showing the world that their company had made the big time and the industry was finally growing up, with the lucrative side-effect of making a few million to invest in unnecessary expansion and to finance further development.

To read the rest, please go here.

Extract taken from Edge’s web site


Thursday 11th January 2001

Develop: Ed Bartlett speak about WAP and online games
Posted: Thursday, 11 January 2001

Game Designer, Ed Bartlett has also appeared in Develop (UK game developers) magazine talking about WAP and online games.

    Off Message Online

    Networked games and WAP might be exciting, but even after a few beers our panel was more preoccupied by flawed business models than fantasy worlds of goblins and elves...

    Develop: Which comes first online - business models or conte?
    Ed Bartlett: I'm a games designer, but I'm realising I might have to look at the business model as part of the R&D.

Extract taken from Develop


Tuesday 9th January 2001

GameSpot UK: Designer’s Diary Part Two
Posted: Tuesday, 08 January 2001 11:19am GMT

GameSpot UK posted the second part of the Bitmap Brothers Designer’s Diary.

    From the front page: We visit the Bitmap Brothers as they prepare to enter the last six weeks of development on their action-strategy sequel, Z: Steel Soldiers (PC).

    From the interview: GameSpot joined Mike Montgomery - Head Bitmap, John Phillips - 3D Programmer, Dave Cantrell - Lead Programmer and Ollie Dibben - AI guru, for a chat about developments on the Bitmaps Brothers' action-strategy blockbuster.

To read the interview, please go here or go to the GameSpot UK page here.

The new screenshots from the Volcanic world have been added to the Images section in our Z: Steel Soldiers area.

Extract taken from GameSpot UK


PC Zone: Massive Z: Steel Soldiers Preview
Posted: Monday, 08 January 2001

Z: Steel Soldiers has been previewed in this month's (issue 99) PC Zone magazine. There are 6 pages of information, screenshots and interviews, with a special General Zod front cover.

The preview can be viewed on PC Zone’s site here.

PC Zone magazine


Monday 8th January 2001 Z: Steel Soldiers Special Week 1
Posted: Monday, 08 January 2001

    Bijna alle RTS games die de laatste jaren zijn ontwikkeld hebben eigenlijk hetzelfde concept als de twee strategy games die het genre zo populair hebben gemaakt: Command & Conquer en Warcraft 2. Games als Dark Reign en Total Annihilation werden een groot succes dankzij dit concept...

To read the rest, please go here (link has been moved).

Extract taken from


Thursday 4th January 2001

CNET GameCenter: Steel Soldiers Preview
Posted: Thursday, 04 January 2001

    When it was released in mid-1996, The Bitmap Brothers' Z brought a bit of oddball lightness to the somewhat-stodgy RTS genre. Players controlled a pack of slightly loopy robots that delighted in showering abuse on gamers when they got into trouble. And many an RTS gamer remembers being insulted--with somewhat  colorful language--when they lost a scenario. Now, The Bitmap Brothers are back with Steel Soldiers, the sequel to Z.

To read the rest, please go here (link is dead now).

Extract taken from CNET GameCenter


January 2001

Official PlayStation2 Magazine: 5x5 - Mike Montgomery on retrogaming
Posted: January 2001

Mike Montgomery gives his answers in the 5x5 section on retrogaming.

Official PlayStation2 Magazine


GameStar: Z: Steel Soldiers Preview
Posted: January 2001

GameStar has a Z: Steel Soldiers preview in their January 2001 issue.

    Auf Sods Spuren

    Hektischer Sektorenkampf statt gemütlichem Basisau: Die Bitmap Brothers starten ihren sweiten Versuch, das Echseitgenre actionlastiger zu machen.

There is also an exclusive video on their cover disk.

Extract taken from GameStar magazine


PC Player: Z: Steel Soldiers Preview
Posted: January 2001

This month’s PC Player has a Z: Steel Soldiers preview.

    Erinnern Sie sich noch an die breitschultrigen, Zigarren paffenden Roboter aus "Z"? Die Metallschergen stehen kurz vor ihrem Comback in 3D.

    Der Buchstabe Z ist der letzt im Alphabet. Und demzufolge dachten wahrscheinlich auch einige Spieler, dass die Bitmap Brothers mit dem 1996 erschienenden Echtzeit-Gemetzel "Z" lhre Abschiedsvorstellung gaben. Und das nach einer ganzen Serie wegweisender Spiele wie etwa "Xenon 2" oder "Speedball"

Extract taken from PC Player magazine


Gen4PC: Steel Soldiers Preview
Posted: January 2001

The magazine, Gen4PC, has a preview of Z: Steel Soldiers.  Check out this month’s issue.

Extract taken from Gen4PC magazine


Joystick: Steel Soldiers Le Retour Des Bitmap Brothers
Posted: January 2001

In this month’s issue of Joystick, there is a preview of Z: Steel Soldiers.

Joystick magazine


PC Team: Z: Steel Soldiers Preview
Posted: January 2001

PC Team magazine has a Z: Steel Soldiers preview.  Check out this month’s issue.

    Z2: Steel Soldiers Le retour des Bitmap Brothers

    Les Bitmap Brothers, ça vous dit queique chose ? On les croyait morts, depuis le temps. Leur dernière grande production était un jeu de stratégie en temps réel dénommé "Z", un petit succès a l'époque, en 1996, ce qui fait une èternitè au train où vont les choses !

Extract taken from PC Team magazine


PC Jeux: Steel Soldiers Preview
Posted: January 2001

A preview of Z: Steel Soldiers appears in PC Jeux. Check out this month’s issue.

    Un premier coup d'œil sur...

    Z: Steel Soldiers

    Ah, Z, ce jeu de stratégie mettant en scène des robots... Un must du genre, même s'il a été un peu boudé à l'époque.

Extract taken from PC Jeux magazine


TGM: Z: Steel Soldiers Preview
Posted: January 2001

TGM, an Italian magazine, has a preview of Z: Steel Soldiers.  See January’s issue.

TGM magazine


New Age Gaming: Steel Soldiers Preview
Posted: January 2001

New Age, Gaming, a South African magazine, has got Z: Steel Soldiers in their Previews Under Construction section.  See this month’s issue for more details.

    If you think back a few years the Bitmap Brothers are one of the few small game development teams that have weathered the stormy waters of the corporate conversion (or invasion if you like) of the business of making games. In the past the Bitmaps had a certain aura and cult following not dissimilar to that of a pop group. Whether this was luck, slick marketing or amazing products nobody can tell. Sufficed to say the Bitmap Brothers name meant a lot within and outside the industry and still does. The truth of the matter is that they have always produced the kind of games the gaming public want to play . The question is, do they still have the inspirational ideas, humour and above all 'game dynamic' to blow away the competition? Mike Montgomery, spokesperson, and a 'Bitmap' through and through, was on hand to answer a few questions as Derek dela Fuente got the low-down on Z: Steel Soldiers.

Extract taken from PC Jeux magazine


Level: Z: Steel Soldiers Preview
Posted: January 2001

A Romanian magazine, Level has a preview of Z: Steel Soldiers.  Check out this month’s issue.

    Urmarea unia dintre cele mai bune jocuri realizate vreodatâ...

Extract take from magazine

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