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Monday 26th February 2001

Absolute Top: Z 37th Favourite Game
Posted: Monday, 26 February 2001

The Russian site, Absolute Top, has rated our game, Z, as their 37th favourite game after a poll voted by visitors to the site. There was over 450 games voted for.

Check out their site at

Extract taken from Absolute Top


Wednesday 21st February 2001 Z: Steel Soldiers Trailer
Posted: Wednesday, 21 February 2001

The big Italian site, has a 34.78Mb trailer for Z: Steel Soldiers.  To download it go here.

    Trailer promozionale di Z2: Steel Soldiers, seguito del famoso gioco strategico risalente ai primi anni '90. Il filmato della durata di oltre tre minuti mostra le caratteristiche essenziali del gioco in una serie di sequenze di gameplay frenetiche.

Extract taken from


Tuesday 20th February 2001 Z: Steel Soldiers Interview Week 2
Posted: Tuesday, 20 February 2001 has posted another two interviews, with Mike Montgomery and John Kershaw. - Z: Steel Soldiers: Interviews Week 2Deze week nog eens twee interviews met leden van het Z: Steel Soldiers ontwikkelingsteam. We gaan onder andere in op hun werk, de problemen en hun persoonlijke achtergrond. Ook willen we weten waarom het zo lang heeft geduurd tot er een vervolg kwam op Z (dat al in 1996 uitkwam) en of er action figures gaat uitkomen van de personages in het spel. De ontwikkeling van Z: Steel Soldiers loopt overigens al sinds 1996 en is begonnen direct na het verschijnen van Z...

To read the rest, please go here (link might be dead now).

Extract taken from


Thursday 15th February 2001

Happy Puppy: Z: Steel Soldiers Preview
Posted: Thursday, 15 February 2001

    Prepare to taste steel

    No gamer would accuse the real-time strategy genre of having much personality. Almost all RTS games are set in one of two worlds: a post-apocalyptic nightmare or a cliched fantasy realm. One of the few that stood out was Z. Released in 1996 and developed by Bitmap Brothers, this game stood out by combining challenging gameplay with a heavy dose of humor. The Bitmap boys are finally releasing a sequel called Z: Steel Soldiers and hope to reach even more people by offering more user-friendly gameplay while retaining the game's trademark humor.

To read the rest, please go here.

Extract taken from Happy Puppy


Tuesday 13th February 2001

PC Gameplay: Z: Steel Soldiers Preview
Posted: Tuesday, 13 February 2001

    War needn’t be hell. Exactly the opposite, in fact, as legendary developer The Bitmap Brothers is looking to prove.

    Take a classic strategy game, spruce it up with flashy 3D graphics, add 30 unique units, mix in 30 missions and what have you got? Z: Steel Soldiers - the long-awaited follow-up to the number one smash-hit, Z.

    For a more detailed report on this exciting new game, check out the February 2001 Issue of PC Gameplay.

To read the rest, check out their web site here.

Extract taken from PC Gameplay magazine Z: Steel Soldiers Interview Week 1
Posted: Tuesday, 13 February 2001 has posted up two interviews, with Abby Hains and Chris Maule. - Z: Steel Soldiers: Interviews Week 1De afgelopen weken hebben we in een aantal specials allerlei informatie gegeven over het nieuwe RTS Z: Steel Soldiers. Wat echter nog miste is informatie over de personen achters de game. Deze week zetten we dat direct recht en brengen we je een tweetal interviews met een ontwerper en een geluidstechnicus, die beide werken aan Zss. Zij vertellen over hun achtergrond, het productieproces, de problemen die ze zijn tegengekomen en hun favoriete games...

To read the rest, please go here (link might be dead now).

Extract taken from


Friday 9th February 2001

Cool Beans Press Relase: Z: Steel Soldiers
Posted: Friday, 09 February 2001

The Bitmap Brothers and EON Digital Entertainment have issued this press release.

    Fresh approach reaffirms Z: Steel Soldiers' original take on the RTS genre

    London, February 9, 2001 - EON Digital Entertainment today confirmed that the eagerly awaited sequel to PC blockbuster Z, Z: Steel Soldiers will feature a highly innovative method of progressing the game's plot driven storyline.

    Currently in production by acclaimed digital animation studio Cool Beans Productions, the usual CGI or FMV sequences have been replaced in favour of a more dynamic approach. Taking a unique slant on the classic comic book style the resulting experience perfectly compliments the game's visual styling, humour and action.

To read the rest, please go here.



February 2001

Computer and Video Games: Z: Steel Soldiers Preview - Strategy Made Simple
Posted: February 2001

Computer and Video Games have a preview of our Z: Steel Soldiers in their February issue (issue 237).

    After Seven Years Z Returns - And This Time It's In 3D!

    Z: Steel Soldier has been in the works for a monstrous seven years, and although it's not immediately obvious why it should have taken so long to come up with the game, what we really have here is an action-strategy title like no other. The developer has likened the project to reinventing chess, and after ten minutes of play you realise the claim simply isn't that outlandish.

Note, the game has only been in development for four years and the correct title is Z: Steel Soldiers.

Extract taken from Computer and Video Games magazine


PC Format: Z: Steel Soldiers Preview
Posted: February 2001

There is a preview of Z: Steel Soldiers in the February issue of PC Format.

    Bang, bang, you're dead, 50 bullets in your Z. Two.

    What is it?

    It's a 3D real-time strategy epic set shortly after the original Z, and starring the same three comedy robot heroes. The Bitmaps are keen to avoid the direct Command and Conquer comparisons, though because SS (really Z2) focuses on the art of destruction rather than the mind-numbing resource management element. Rather than forcing you to spend much of your time working for your cash, your income is dependent on the amount of land you control.

Extract taken from PC Format magazine Z: Steel Soldiers Is Looking Hot
Posted: February 2001

Online magazine,, have a small article Z: Steel Soldiers.  Go to and download their February 2001 issue (issue 3). You will need Acrobat Reader to view the online magazine.


K Magazine: Z: Steel Soldiers Preview
Posted: February 2001

K Magazine, Italian magazine, also has a preview of Z: Steel Soldiers.  See this month’s issue.

Extract taken from K Magazine magazine


PC Player: Scoop - Z: Steel Soldiers
Posted: February 2001

The Danish magazine, PC Player, has a Work In Progress preview of Z: Steel Soldiers.

    Originalt koncept bevaret

    Z adskilte sig mest fra konkurrenterne ved at tvinge spilleme væk fra defensive taktikker; det gjaldt orn at erobre territorier fra fjenden, og den sorn havde flest territorier, konstruerede også robotter og våben hurtigere end modstanderen.  Defor nyttede det ikke noget at forskanse sig i en fætning og vente på fjenden...

Extract taken from PC Player magazine


PC Player: Z: Steel Soldiers Preview
Posted: February 2001

The Korean magazine, PC Player, has Z: Steel Soldiers in their Scoop section.

PC Player magazine

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