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Wednesday 29th March 2000 Mike Montgomery - Up to Speed
Posted: Wednesday, 29 March 2000 17:22:58pm GMT

    The original Bitmap Brother talks about Speedball 2100, what it's like to be a modern games developer and Britney Spears. Get with the program!

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Extract taken from Wassup Bitmap Brother?
Posted: Wednesday, 29 March 2000 17:10:27pm GMT

    Remember the Bitmap Brothers? Forget your Carmaks and your Romero's, these guys were the very first rock-star games developers. Mere mentions of their classic titles Speedball and the imaginatively named sequel Speedball 2 can bring tears of pride to an ex-Amiga owner.

    The office is filled with many devotees to these sacred games of olde, so we jumped at the chance to pop a few questions at a Bitmap about the eagerly anticipated Speedball update for the PlayStation.

    We gleaned that there's plans for more versions of Speedball on newer platforms. The news that nearly caused me a dirty pair of undies was that Speedball 3 could be headed for the Dreamcast and is likely to make full use of the net savvy console to allow multiplayer games of Speedball to take place online. Frantic multiplayer action was always Speedball's strength, so this could be absolutely fantastic.

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CNET GameCenter: Speedball 2100 Preview
Posted: Wednesday, 29 March 2000

    The Speedball series bodychecks the PlayStation after leaving the Atari ST, Genesis, Sega Master System, Game Boy, and Commodore Amiga in its wake. Once again developed by the Bitmap Brothers, the future-sport title offers fast-paced gameplay that is a cross between the NHL and Rollerball, with some tweaks.

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Extract taken from CNET GameCenter


Tuesday 28th March 2000 Diaries: Speedball 2100 - Testing To Destruction
Posted: Tuesday, 28 March 2000

    'It's not a bug. It's a feature!'

    More celebration - our first cover for SB 2100. Cool - the Brutal Deluxe team looks pretty cool on the front of Edge (hi-tech mag for gaming maniacs). We all got our pictures in the mag as well - which is nice. You can buy several copies of it and show it to your Mum in an attempt to persuade her that you really have got a 'proper' job. One down, several hundred to go......... have been running the Speedball 2100 Diaries since 15th October 1999.  If you wish to read the rest of the articles, please go to at select PlayStation and then Features. Here you’ll find the Speedball 2100 Diaries link. (Article has been removed)

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Wednesday 21st March 2000 Future shocks in store for sports fans
Posted: Wednesday, 21 March 2000

Speedball 2100 Preview

    The Speedball series may be familiar to you if you're a member of the Old School Alumni. The series started its life on Genesis in the US and, before that, on ST and Amiga computers in Europe. The handiwork of the then-famous Bitmap Brothers, it revolutionised sports games on 16-bit systems by introducing violence, rich bas-relief graphics and, more importantly, an all-new sport. Think a mixture of Football, Soccer, Basketball and Boxing, and you might be on the way to envisioning this sport.

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Wednesday 15th March 2000 - PSX: Speedball 2100 Preview
Posted: Wednesday, 15 March 2000

    The Bitmap Brothers bring back the fast, pulsing action from the first. How does it fare?

    If you owned an Atari ST, Genesis, Master System, Game Boy or Commodore Amiga back in the day, then you should have played the brutal game of Speedball. The fast-paced videogame version of rollerball brought out the raw competitive spirit in everybody and not a single person I've spoken with has ever said a bad word against it. (But they DID have bad words for those poor souls whose @sses they kicked...)

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Extract taken from - PSX


March 2000

Official PlayStation Magazine’s Blueprint: Mike Montgomery
Posted: March 2000

Mike Montgomery is featured in the Official UK PlayStation magazine’s Blueprint section in the March issue.

Extract taken from Official UK PlayStation Magazine


Edge: Speedball 2100 Special Preview
Posted: March 2000

In the March 2000 edition of the Edge magazine there is a special preview of Speedball 2100.

    The Bitmap Brothers finally bounce back.

    The number of old titles gamers call to be exhumed is vast, but there’s one title that sits atop the list whenever hardened veterans chew over the topic. Now, finally, the only future sport that ever really worked is being rebuilt, required and refined for the PlayStation generation...

Extract taken from Edge magazine


Monday 21st February 2000

GameSpot UK: Speedball 2100 Galleries
Posted: Monday, 21 February 2000 13:03pm GMT

    We've got new pix and artwork from the Bitmap Brothers' upcoming frenzy of violent, futuristic sport.

    Empire Interactive will be publishing Speedball 2100, the third in the Bitmap Brothers' Speedball series, in May 2000. The violent, futuristic, 3D sports game will be released for the PlayStation, having previously been on the Atari ST and Amiga.

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Extract taken from GameSpot UK


Friday 18th February 2000 Empire Interactive to publish Speedball 2100 on PSX
Posted: Friday, 18 February 2000

    Ripped Spleend 2, Shattered Noses 2

    In the year 2100, the blood sport of choice is Speedball, a game that has only one hard-and-fast rule: slam a solid, chromium ball into your opponent's goal. Retaining all the outrageous, cyberpunk violence of the original game, Speedball 2100 pits 16 heavily-padded teams against one another in the ultimate futuristic ball-game.

To read the rest, please go here (link might be dead now).

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FutureGamer: Speedball 2100 News
Posted: Friday, 18 February 2000

    Bitmap Brothers set to port classic Amiga title to PlayStation and Game Boy Color

    Futuristic sports games have a chequered history to say the least, but one game stands above all in this sub-genre. The Bitmap Brothers’ Speedball (Amiga) was released at the rear end of the last decade, before a fantastic sequel appeared in early 1991. Speedball 2 is fondly remembered by the majority of Amiga owners, and now the Bitmap Brothers are in the throes of producing Speedball 2100 for PlayStation and Game Boy Color.

To read the rest, please go here (link is dead now)

Extract taken from FutureGamer (now DailyRadar UK)


Friday 11th February 2000 - PSX: Bitmap Brothers on the Ball
Posted: Friday, 11 February 2000

    Popular UK coders bring Speedball sequel to PlayStation.

    Best known for their work on Commodore Amiga and Atari ST personal computer games such as Xenon and Gods, Britain's renowned Bitmap Brothers are resurrecting one of their most popular series on PlayStation.

To read the rest, please go here.

Extract taken from - PSX


GameSpot UK: Exclusive: Speedball 2100 Comes To The PlayStation
Posted: Friday, 11 February 2000 11:51am GMT

    The Bitmap Brothers are going back to the '80s with their high-octane futuristic sports classic.

    To date the original Speedball together with Speedball 2 have notched up more than 1 million sales.

To read the rest, please go here (page has been moved).

Extract taken from GameSpot UK


CTW: Return of the ‘Maps
Posted: Friday, 11 February 2000

    The long lost Bitmap Brothers are back with a bang. After five years out of the gaming limelight, the Wapping veterans have decided the time is right to make a long awaited return this summer.

Extract taken from CTW


Thursday 10th February

Game Over: Bitmap Brothers Interview
Posted: Thursday, 10 February 2000

Mike, Jamie and the team were interviewed by the TV programme, Game Over, which is aired today.

Game Over


February 2000

Official UK PlayStation Magazine: Speedball 2100 Preview
Posted: February 2000

Speedball 2100 is included in Official UK PlayStation magazine’s Blueprint section this month (February issue).

Official UK PlayStation Magazine

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