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Saturday 26th August 2000 Hangin with the Bros
Posted: Saturday, 26 August 15:49:15pm GMT

    The Bitmap Brother’s’ creation Z2 has finally got a publisher - EON Digital Entertainment. Even better news is that there are a handful of new screenshots showing the booty off in all it’s glory.

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Friday 25th August 2000

CTW: Bitmaps Return
Posted: Friday, 25 August 2000

Computer Trade Weekly (CTW), an industry newspaper, has a small news article on the EON publishing deal with the Bitmap Brothers

Computer Trade Weekly (CTW)


GameSpot UK: Z2 Gets Publisher
Posted: Friday, 25 August 00:55am GMT

    New publisher EON Digital picks up the RTS sequel.

    UK developer Bitmap Brothers has announced that EON Digital will publish the sequel to its 1996 RTS, Z. Bitmap Brothers has obtained the rights to the franchise from Z's publisher, GT Interactive, which is now a part of Infogrames. Z2 promises the return of the defiant attitude that aimed to separate the original game from the slew of Command & Conquer clones released at approximately the same time. Z2 is set to ship globally in early 2001.

Taken from GameSpot UK


PC Zone: The Bitmap Brothers Signs Deal With EON
Posted: Friday, 25 August 2000

Taken from PC Zone magazine


Thursday 24th August 2000

MCV: EON grabs Z2...
Posted: Thursday, 24 August 2000

    The industry newspaper, MCV, have a news article on the official announcement of the Bitmap Brothers publishing deal with EON Digital Entertainment.



Absolute Games: Z2 Interview
Posted: Thursday, 24 August 2000

The Russian site had an interview with the Z2 team. Please visit to read it.

Taken from Absolute Games


Friday 18th August 2000

GameSpot UK: Interview with Jamie Barber - Lead Designer, Z2
Posted: Friday, 18 August 2000 12:58pm GMT

    We talk to Jamie Barber, lead designer on Z2.

    GameSpot UK:
    So why a sequel to Z after all this time?

    Jamie Barber:
    The main reason why they are doing this was that there were a lot of things the Bitmaps wanted to put in the original Z but couldn't, in order to make it more mainstream and to give it a little more depth.  We get a lot of mail and feedback from fans from the original game that is very positive. Z was an action strategy game, whereas with Z2 we're concentrating on putting more emphasis on the action.

To read the rest, please go here or go to the GameSpot UK page here (page has been moved).

Extract taken from GameSpot UK


August 2000

PC Gameplay: Z2 Preview
Posted: August 2000

PC Gameplay magazine have a preview of Z2 in their August 2000 issue.

    Xenon, Cadaver, Chaos Engine, Speedball 2 and Z.  Seminal titles every one. And Bitmap Brothers has been responsible for all of them. We visited its east London studio to find out if it can continue its fine track record with Z2.

Extract taken from PC Gameplay magazine


PC Gamer: Z`s Not Dead
Posted: August 2000

In the August 2000 issue of PC Gamer magazine there is a special article on of Z2.

    The GAMER insomniacs catch some Zs with the Bitmap Brothers.

    “If nothing else, the Bitmaps have history. My defining moments, when I actually started to think about videogames in a serious manner, have often had Bitmap games as their muse. Example: as an argumentative fourteen-year old I had a fifteen-minute rant about how their reputation as the 16-bit scene’s premier developer was entirely undeserved. But underneath my noise and fury, I was fully aware that my protestations rang empty, Speedball 2 is the only future sports game that has ever worked, and as nihilistic punk-rock thrilling as anything I’ve experienced since. With its heavy-intelligent sidekicks, unrelenting action and temporal-bending plot, The Chaos Engine was the two-dimensional version of the game Daikatana promised to be. Xenon 2 kissed new life into the upwards shoot-’em up when all thought the form terminally diseased.”

Extract taken from PC Gamer magazine


Games Domain Offline: Bitmap Brothers: “We Like Violence”
Posted: August 2000

In issue 8 - August - of Games Domain Offline magazine, there is a Speedball 2100 preview as well as a small Z2 article.

    The original rockstar developers talk to GDO about Speedball 2100, Z2 and small-screen brutality.

Extract taken from Games Domain Offline


Ufficaite PlayStation magazine: Speedball 2100
Posted: August 2000

    A vostra disposizione ci sono una buona quantita di modalita di gioco diverse.

Extract taken form Ufficaite PlayStation magazine


PCGames: Die Ruckkehr der Roboter
Posted: August 2000

    Mit neuer 3D-Technik und umgekrempeltem Spieldesign soll Z2 den Echtzeitstrategie-Markt im Sturm erobern.

    Die aufmupfigen Biechsoldaten von General Zod rusten erneut sum Echtzeit-Krieg.  Diesmal allerdings antdecekn die werfeindeten Roboter-Armeen die drrittle Dimension und uben sich erstmals im gepflegten Basisbau.

Extract taken from PCGames magazine


Gen4PC: Z2 News
Posted: August 2000

    Juillet-Aout 2000 News - Le retour de Z - Les Bitmap Brothers annoncent grand retour sur PC.

Extract taken from Gen4PC magazine

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