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Thursday 19th April 2001

Computer Games Online: Z: Steel Soldiers Preview
Posted: Friday, 19 April 2001

There is a Z: Steel Soldiers preview on Computer Games Online.

    When the original Z was released in the US through the now defunct Virgin Interactive, it hit shelves near the start of the soon to be tsunami-sized wave of real-time strategy clones that flooded the market continuously a few years ago. It managed to get lost in the shuffle for the most part, but not before turning some heads thanks to a number of ingenious gameplay elements. Mixing British humor and characters in a retro-sci-fi environment, with a focus on grabbing enemy territories, Z was a distinctive and entertaining game for the time.

To read the rest, please go here.

Extract taken from Computer Games Online


Thursday 6th April 2001

GameSpot UK: Z: Steel Soldiers Interview
Posted: Friday, 06 May 2001

GameSpot UK have an interview with Chief Sound Designer of Z: Steel Soldiers, Chris Maule.

    Marching to the sound of the guns...

    With the Bitmap Brothers' strategy classic Z: Steel Soldiers now hurtling its way towards completion, we round off our chats with Z's designers by talking to Chris Maule, who's responsible for producing the Music and Sound Effects in the game.

    GameSpot UK: How important is music to a game like Z: Steel Soldiers?

    Chris Maule: It should be indispensable. In the same way that a movie without any sound would make for a pretty empty experience, a game without all of its constituent audio elements would be depriving the player of some essential multimedia ingredients. I think music in action games like Z: Steel Soldiers, while it should be subtle and unobtrusive, is none the less an essential part of this whole. It is the textural interlocking of sfx, world ambience, speech and music linking with the graphics that give a sense of "being" where the action is.

To read the rest, please go here.

Extract taken from GameSpot UK


April 2001

NUON-Dome: Speedball 2100 Preview
Posted: April 2001

NUON-Dome has a small preview of Speedball 2100 for the new NUON machine. Click here to read the preview.


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