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Here’s a collection of news which we have no date for. Generally though these articles are fairly old.

Barrysworld - Bitmap Brothers Interview

    Picture the scene. An ickle 15 year old girl sits in front of her father's Amiga frantically smacking a creaky plastic joystick round the desk, swearing and cursing at the TV and annoying the hell out of the aforementioned father with the constant clicking of microswitches and overuse of profanity. Occasionally the old man sits forward from his armchair, looks back and mutters something about Blue Peter or other such 'respectable' distractions, but the little girl is too busy to listen. And what was it that kept that her so enthralled? A slice of what we now call the 'classic' Amiga days. SpeedBall 2.

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Extract taken from Barrysworld


GamesDomain - Bitmap Bros. Interview

    We caught up with the Bitmap Brothers to find out what's happening with Speedball 2100. Steve Whittle (Head of Development) and Pete Tattersall (Studio Manager) were on hand to answer all our questions.

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Extract taken from GamesDomain - Speedball 2100 Preview

    'What do you play when not even ice hockey is brutal enough? You play Speedball!'

    If we had been in possession of a red carpet, we swear we would've rolled it out. If we'd owned a choir of young boys, we promise we'd have made them sing. If it wasn't the tail end of a biting cold winter, we can assure you we'd have scattered fresh rose petals like confetti. For this day, a Bitmap Brother came to our humble office. have been running the Speedball 2100 Diaries since 15th October 1999.  If you wish to read the rest of the articles, please go to at, select PlayStation and then Features. Here you’ll find the Speedball 2100 Diaries link. (Article has been removed)

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PlayPalace - Speedball 2100 Preview

    Since development of the game was announced in March everyone has been eagerly awaiting it's release. This fast paced futuristic sport is set to hit our consoles for the third time at the end of June and many people will be pleased to see a lot of the great features returning.

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Extract taken from PlayPalace


GameSpot UK's 100 Games of the Millennium - Speedball 2: Number 36

    Go on, kick his head in!

    Back before multiplayer was the norm - before Quake, before even Doom - if you wanted to pass a pleasant evening beating the crap out of your friends there was only one real choice (well, apart from actually beating the crap out of them...): Speedball 2. It was created by the Bitmap Brothers, who were as gods in those heady 8-bit days - riding as they were on the wave of success from games like Xenon and er...Xenon II. At the time, the Bitmaps (as they were known to their friends) could quite simply do no wrong.

To read the rest, please go here (page has been moved).

Extract taken from GameSpot UK

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