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Wensday 28th March 2007

Frogster plays Speedball 2 and The Chaos Engine
Posted: Wensday, 28th March 2007

Frogster Interactive reanimates two great classics. The Berlin-based publisher has secured itself the worldwide PC license rights of the famous hits Speedball 2 and The Chaos Engine from the legendary British games developer The Bitmap Brothers. The cult reputation of both titles reaches back to the early stages of the computer game era. Since then, a huge fan community has clamoured for new editions again and again. To no avail – until now! Frogster is aiming to publish both titles in 2007 for the PC with The Bitmap Brothers involved in the development.

The futuristic sportsgame series Speedball was first published in 1988 on Amiga and was a success outright from the start. Versions for nearly every relevant system and very successful sequels followed. The series won numerous awards, such as 1989 the “Game of the Year” from The Golden Joysticks and “Best Original Game” from In-Din Arcade. The action-shooter The Chaos Engine had its similarly successful premiere in 1993. The Chaos Engine received numerous awards, among which the SEGA Award 1994 as “Best Action Game” and the Power Play Award for the “Multiplayer Game of the Year”.

Fans can register for the newsletter on the official teaser website

Article was taken from Frogster Interactive Pictures AG


Thursday 14th November 2002

Z: Steel Soldiers Budget: PC Zone Review
Posted: Thursday, 14 November 2002

PC Zone have given the new budget release of Z: Steel Soldiers 87%.  The release date is yet to be confirmed.

    "Though the mechanics behind Steel Soldiers will be familiar to anyone who's played a real-time strategy game, the stripped down, fast-paced gameplay is so far removed from anything else it bears little comparison"

To read the rest, please see the Christmas 2002 issue of PC Zone.

Extract taken from PC Zone magazine


Friday 4th October 2002

Z: Steel Soldiers out on Sold-Out label soon
Posted: Friday, 04 October 2002

Sold-Out will be releasing our PC strategy title, Z: Steel Soliders for £4.99.

    Steel Soldiers march on for £4.99
    Bitmap Brothers classic is the latest recruit to Sold-Out range

    Leading super-budget publisher Sold-Out has announced yet another major addition to its £4.99 range of PC titles in the form of Z: Steel Soldiers - the legendary real-time strategy title created by the equally renowned Bitmap Brothers.

    Released to much acclaim and a clean sweep of high-scoring reviews in 2001, Z: Steel Soldiers is a breath-taking title from the innovative East London team - with one magazine even going as far as to describe it as ‘even more addictive than Pringles!’ Controlling an army of robots and a huge array of vehicles, the player is dropped into a series of scenarios whereupon they must use their firepower, strategic nous and cunning to seize control of a series of locations.

    In addition to its intuitive control system and long-lasting gameplay, the aesthetic elements that helped establish the Bitmap Brothers as leaders in the UK development scene are apparent. Hugely entertaining cut-scenes are used to unveil the game’s plot, while these are married with sweeping and incredibly detailed landscapes, populated by enemy forces that boast incredible AI. It all combines to create a landmark RTS title - and an extremely welcome addition to Sold-Out’s £4.99 range. A release date will be confirmed at a later date.

    Z: Steel Soldiers is a special title to us as it shows that we are as capable of creating high-quality and original titles, as ever.” said Mike Montgomery, Managing Director of the Bitmap Brothers. “We are also pleased that it can now be offered to a wider audience at an affordable price.”

    “This is a major, major addition to the Sold-Out range,” added Managing Director Garry Williams. “Z: Steel Soldiers is widely regarded as one of the best PC titles in recent years, scoring at least 90% in all PC Mags. We will add sales that make this title move like a Sherman tank, sliding down hill on Rollerskates, with a gale force wind behind it!”

    Press contact:
    Tamasen Franks or Danielle Woodyatt at Lunch PR
    T 020 7633 0633
    F 020 7633 0699

Article was taken from a Sold-Out press release


Speedball 2 GBA - Magazine Quotes
Posted: Friday, 04 October 2002

Below are a few quotes from recent magazines on our recently releases Speedball 2 GBA.

    "The greatest future sports game of all time makes it to the greatest handheld the world has ever seen… what always raises Speedball 2 even higher is the added depth… actually one of the most tactically sophisticated yet mindlessly enjoyable games of all time...gameplay lies at the heart of Speedball 2's brilliance... one of the best multiplayer titles of all time. We loved you then, we love you now...

    94%" GBX magazine

    "Bold, detailed sprites that animate smoothly against huge scrolling metal arenas help separate Speedball 2 from the crowd aesthetically, but its not just a visual difference…. Speedball 2 gets straight on with the action... one of the most addictive and skilful games on the GBA... Twelve years old and still the fastest and most brutal sports game there is.  Brilliant!

    92%" Total Advance

    "bliss (n) 1.perfect happiness; serene joy 2. An afternoon with Speedball 2: BD on the GBA… regardless of whether it came out last week or last decade, a great game is a great game… one of the greatest sports games ever… think American Football, soccer and rugby all mixed together, then bung it all in the future and set the action on full - that's Speedball..... a no-holds
    barred affair....everything we enjoyed in the original game has been ported across, from the shiny metal graphics and various game-modes, right down to the gym, where you can mess about upgrading your team at leisure..... the icing on the already perfect cake though is the multiplayer link-up options - being able to play against your friends is exactly what the doctor ordered. You don't really have much choice - go out, buy this, be happy....

    95%" Cube magazine


Wednesday 25th September 2002


NSPCC/EQV - Gameathon
Posted: Wednesday, 25 September 2002

EQV is one again organising its annual NSPCC event, a 24 hour computer gameathon, playing networked computer games with the objective of raising awareness and as much money as possible for the NSPCC.  From previous events we have raised £10,000 for the NSPCC.

The event will take place on Saturday 23rd November 2002.

To help promote the main event EQV are also running an online auction on the eBay web site at, so please get bidding. All money raised from these auctions will go straight to the NSPCC.

If you can help, or for further information please send an e-mail direct to Mike Bates of EQV at



Friday 13th September 2002

Speedball 2 GBA available to buy now!
Posted: Friday, 13 September 2002

The Gameboy Advance version of Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe has been released today.

    Rediscover the unbelievable violence of the original in a brand new environment: a 22nd century arena in which your team, Brutal Deluxe, is the least respected… It’s up to you to turn them into champions!

    The possibility of picking up interactive items to earn extra points or power bonuses is just one of the new additions to Speedball 2.

    One of the originalities of Speedball 2 is the possibility of managing your team by buying and selling players and/or by improving their abilities (aggressiveness, attack, speed, intelligence…)

    These can also be improved while on the pitch by using special weapons and body armour.

    For example, pick up a ‘freeze team’ token to freeze your opponents for six seconds or collect a new piece of body armour such as the elbow pad to increase throwing power.

To read the rest of the press release, please go here.  You can also view a few screenshots here.

Extract taken from a Wanadoo press release


Thursday 12th September 2002

Speedball 2 Pocket Reviews
Posted: Thursday, 12 September 2002

The Pocket version of Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe has received very good reviews. Here are some extracts from a few of them.

    Graphics - 5/5 - Very creative visual world of a new sport! The metallic settings go very well with the game play.
    Sound - 5/5 - The sound effects are very engaging, giving you the feeling of playing in a metal arena. The music tracks fit the game theme very well.
    Fun Meter - 5/5 - If you’ve played football games with rules or yellow cards or penalty boxes you can liberate yourself with this future ball game! While overgrowing your muscles to beat up opponents, exercise your brains managing a championship team.
    Addictivity - 5/5 - With 5 difficulty levels and 3 game modes to play, this game has amazing depth. It is easy to get hooked on this game because there is plenty of game play to match the eye candy. You can play this game for a few minutes or few hours.”.

Please read the rest here.

    “If you are on the lookout for a fast paced, action sports title for the Pocket PC, this should be high on your list. For those who can remember the original incarnation from years ago, be pleased to know this is a faithful conversion. Great graphics and sound, fast game play and a range of game options and stats ensure this is one title that will please the majority.

    Faithful conversion...Great graphics and sound...Fast and smooth gameplay”.

Please read the rest here.

    “Tons of options and some the best sound heard in a Pocket PC game. The presentation value is also quite high and the graphics are quite good. You get a lot of game for your dollar...4 Stars”.

Please read the rest here.

Extract from PDArcade site

    “With rough and tumble freestyle play, Speedball 2 has lots of positive momentum... 5 out of 5 Stars”.

Please read the rest here.

Extract from Pocket PC Life site


Wednesday 11th September 2002

Gods GBA: New screenshots
Posted: Wednesday, 11 September 2002

Check out Downloads section for new screenshots from the GameBoy Advance version of Gods.

New Gods GBA Screenshots

To view the rest, please go here.


Tuesday 10th September 2002

Gods GBA: Preview and Video on Nintendo-Europe
Posted: Tuesday, 10 September 2002

Nintendo-Europe have a preview of Gods on the GBA which includes a screenshots and a video.

    Originally coded by The Bitmap Brothers - media-friendly development team of yesteryear - Gods hands you control of an ancient Greek warrior, out to prove his immortality by freeing his city from pesky demons. This translates in-game to level after level of tip-top platforming set across gorgeously-designed mediterranean cities - plus a fair amount of shooting and fighting with the locals, and a generous dollop of braincell-annihilating puzzles.

To read the rest, please go here.  You can also view a few screenshots here.

Extract taken from Nintendo-Europe web site


Thursday 15th August 2002

World War II: Frontline Command: HomeLan Fed Interview
Posted: Thursday, 15 August 2002

Here is another World War II: Frontline Command interview on HomeLan Fed.

    The World War II era continues to be a popular setting for PC games and developer Bitmap Brothers and publisher Codemasters plan to bring the Last Great War onto PC screens later this year with World War II: Frontline Command, their upcoming 3D real time strategy game. HomeLAN got a chance to chat with Bitmap Brothers' creative director Jamie Barber to find out more about their plans for the game.

    HomeLan - How did the idea come about to create a World War II based RTS game.

    Jamie Barber - We wanted to make a WWII strategy game that had action and realism without being a hardcore simulation, so a couple of us started work on a prototype for something to do! We created some units, put them into a test level and started playing around... It turned out to be a lot of fun so we started working on a full game within two weeks.

Extract taken from HomeLan Fed web site

To read the rest, please go here.


Thursday 1st August 2002

World War II: Frontline Command: CVG Interview
Posted: Thursday, 01 August 2002

There is an interview on Computer and Video Games’ web site about World War II: Frontline Command with exclusive new screenshots.


    World War II: Frontline Command is under the sniper scope as we talk to The Bitmap Brothers about its upcoming RTS game

    18:40 World War II: Frontline Command is The Bitmap Brothers' real-time strategy title which aims to give the likes of Sudden Strike a run for its money. A squad-based affair, it will see players in command of the Allied forces, taking them through some of the more memorable battles from the closing months of the Second World War.

    Made up of 25 single-player missions, the game will begin with the Normandy beach invasion (June 6th 1944). After successfully surviving D-Day, you'll then experience the likes of Operation Market Garden and the Battle Of The Bulge in preparation for the grand finale, the storm on Hitler's Berchtesgaden stronghold in the Alps.

Extract taken from Computer and Video Games web site

To read the rest, please go here.


Tuesday 30th July 2002

Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe Pocket: Available to Buy
Posted: Tuesday, 30 July 2002

A metal gauntlet is thrown down in Speedball 2.

Speedball 2 is no ordinary sports simulation. This is brutal, fast-action, futuristic sports. There's stylish TV-style presentation and slick metallic high-speed scrolling graphics. When the play starts, the action begins. Train your team, hone your skills, beat the other players to a pulp and then try your hand at winning the ultimate prize—the Speedball Championship. Use skill, tactics, brawn and a multitude of amazing pitch features and pickups to help you win. Speedball 2 is futuristic sports action on your Pocket PC today!

- Stunning, high speed gameplay!
- Team and league management.
- Knock-out and cup competitions.
- 5 levels of difficulty.

See what others have said about the game.

    "If you think NFL Football is fun, you are about to find out what would really be fun in a football game...The sound effects are cool to match the visuals, and the music tracks are straight out of the movie Triple X...The graphics showcase some cool futuristic arena settings...and some really nice still graphics work throughout the grueling game and metallic interface."

    - PDABuyersGuide, August 2002

    "In love all over again...This game is just awesome, IDENTICAL to the genesis version I own, amazing. Everything from the sounds, graphics and the long and deep career mode has been kept in the game. Great work. Go grab this one."

    - A really happy Speedball 2 fan

The above text has been taken from Portable Games web site



You can try and buy the PocketPC version of Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe via Portable Games’ web site.  Please go to


You can view the official press release about the release of Speedball 2 Pocket here.


Friday 20th July 2002

Posted: Friday, 20 July 2001

The Bitmap Brothers and Crawfish Interactive have issued this press release.

To read the rest, please go here.

Extract taken from a Crawfish Interactive press release


Tuesday 16th July 2002

Speedball 2: GBA: Preview in Nintendo Magazine
Posted: Tuesday, 16 July 2002

In the August edition of the Official Nintendo Magazine there is a preview of our upcoming Crawfish Interactive conversion of Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe to the Gameboy Advance handheld.

    What made the original so addictive was the combination of red hot gameplay and a management section that allowed players to tweak the specific attributes of the Brutal Deluxe team. We’re pleased to say that they’ve made it into the re-make and there are new features including a link-up mode and brand new teams and players.

Extract taken from Official Nintendo Magazine


Friday 31st May 2002

The true battlefield experience comes to PC in World War II: Frontline Command
Posted: Friday, 31 May 2002

Codemasters have released new screenshots and a press release for World War II: Frontline Command.

  • The true battlefield experience comes to PC in World War II: Frontline Command.

    May 31st – Fresh from a hit unveiling at E3, Codemasters today reveal new screens from World War II: Frontline Command, the forthcoming real-time strategy epic for PC, being developed by The Bitmap Brothers.

    World War II: Frontline Command is a squad-based action RTS game that captures the heroism of some of World War II’s most significant battles. It will be the first action-RTS to deliver a true recreation of the battlefield experience and effectively portray the psychology of warfare, rather than` the sterile theory of wargaming.

The new screenshots can be found here.

Thursday 30th May 2002

Crawfish announce details of Palm and PocketPC titles
Posted: Thursday, 30 May 2002

Crawfish released this press release today about new Bitmap Brothers Palm and PocketPC titles, Chaos Engine Pocket, Xenon Pocket and Z Pocket.

  • Crawfish to publish online handheld specialist launch site for downloadable Pocket PC and Palm games

    Gaming On The Go!
    Crawfish to sell gaming classics for Palm and Pocket PCs!

    30th May 2002, Croydon, Surrey, UK. Crawfish Interactive today confirmed its move into the world of publishing as it looks to build upon its phenomenal success developing handheld hits with the creation of CrawfishToGo. Specialising in the development of Palm and Pocket PC games for download over the Internet, this new addition to the Crawfish family marks a broadening of the company's business interests, and further enhances its position as the world's leading handheld specialist.

    Crawfish’s founder, Cameron Sheppard, commented on the plan: "The creation of CrawfishToGo marks an incredibly exciting time for all at the company. We've had a fantastic first five years and now we can approach the next five with real anticipation. We've already established ourselves as the premiere GameBoy and mobile developer, now we want to lead the way in Palm and Pocket PC gaming. Despite its enormous growth over the last few years the market has remained largely untapped and we're confident our games are going to be massive hits. "

    The launch of the business is to be spearheaded by original games Gopher It and Chess Togo. Available on the Crawfish ToGo website ( for the fantastic price of just £2.99 each, these two games are expected to be popular and provide a mere taster of what gamers can look forward to in the months ahead. With dedicated development teams already working on new, quality versions of classic hits such as Chaos Engine and Z, the company's game's library is set to explode over the course of the year.

    Colin Kendrick, head of CrawfishToGo, confirmed: "Although this is our first publishing venture we're already looking forward to establishing ourselves as the number one developer of Palm and Pocket PC games. Our success is going to be based upon providing quality games at incredibly low prices. Our portfolio of games is already looking good, and it's going to get even better with games like the Chaos Engine, Xenon and Z all due later this year."

Wednesday 29th May 2002

Speedball Arena Mag Shots
Posted: Wednesday, 29 May 2002

We have put up some of the screenshots that have appeared in recent magazines for Speedball Arena.  To view the new screenshots, please go here.


Thursday 16th May 2002

Crawfish to play Gods!
Posted: Thursday, 16 May 2002

Crawfish released this press release today about new Bitmap Brothers GBA titles.

    Bitmap Brothers classics to be brought back to life!

    16 May 2002, Croydon, Surrey, UK.  Crawfish Entertainment is today delighted to announce plans to reinvent three classic Bitmap Brothers' games on the GameBoy Advance. The critically acclaimed trio of Gods (1991), Magic Pockets (1991) and Chaos Engine (1993) are set to wow gamers all over again as Crawfish brings all the magic of these sensational games to the leading handheld gaming platform.

To read the rest see either Gods GBA, Magic Pockets GBA or The Chaos Engine GBA pages


Monday 13th May 2002

Bitmap Brothers Restructuring
Posted: Monday, 13 May 2002

We have released an important press release entitled “The Bitmap Brothers restructure ready for expansion”.

    The renowned UK development veterans, The Bitmap Brothers, creators of hit titles across almost every generation of hardware today announced a significant internal restructure to allow for expansion and diversification across current and future products and platforms.

    MD Mike Montgomery has appointed a board of directors to bolster middle management, with Ed Bartlett assuming the role of Business Development Director; Jamie Barber, the Lead Designer on Codemasters’ forthcoming RTS epic ‘WW2: Frontline Command’ becoming Creative Director, and veteran programmer John M Phillips expanding his role as Head of Programming into the new position of Technical Director.

To read the important press release, please go here.


Monday 22nd April 2002

Xenon 2000: Project PCF - Game available to download
Posted: Monday, 22 April 2002

At long last we have put the Xenon 2000: Project PCF game on our site for download.  Please go here to download the 14.3Mb file. Once downloaded, run the file and the game will be installed onto your computer.  Hope you enjoy.

We are also hoping to have all the documentation form the PC Format articles on How To... Code Xenon 2000 on our site soon, so please keep checking back for that.


Thursday 11th April 2002

World War II: New screenshots, new name
Posted: Thursday, 11 April 2002

We have released a few new screenshots and the full title name has been announced as World World II: Frontline Command.  To view the new screenshots, please go here.


Tuesday 26th February 2002

Codemasters - World War II* Press Release
Posted: Tuesday 26 February 2002

Codemasters have released another press release with several screenshots of out upcoming game World War II*. Please go here to see the screenshots.

    Witness soldier heroism and cowardice in World War II*, Codemasters’ real-time strategy blockbuster coming to PC

    Codemasters’ forthcoming real-time strategy epic – World War II (working title) - will feature an original system dubbed Frontline that gives individual soldiers and units the potential to display everything from heroism to confidence, despair and cowardice, thanks to a new morale-based system.

    Codemasters Studio Head Jonathan Smith says: “World War II* was about much more than abstract ‘units’ moving around in textbook tactical formations. It was about heroism, and panic, and courage, and fear – about soldiers performing extraordinary actions in extraordinary circumstances. The Frontline system creates a game where real human emotions are just as important as strategy.”

    Adds Bitmap Brothers’ Managing Director Mike Montgomery: “With the Frontline system, this game will be the first action-RTS to deliver a true recreation of the battlefield experience; the first to portray the psychology of warfare, rather than the sterile theory of ‘wargaming’.”

    Designed by The Bitmap Brothers, the game’s developers, the Frontline system creates a graphical onscreen representation of the player’s units’ morale, health and vision within the game. It is accurate enough for the player to use as a point of reference for all of his allied units, wherever they are in the field.

    A unit’s morale changes in real-time and is vitally important to its effectiveness. All units whether singularly – such as a sniper – or grouped together have a morale state, which directly affects their combat accuracy and response time to situations.

    If a morale is exceptionally high, the combat effectiveness will be raised substantially and make it easier to achieve current objectives. If an individual’s morale peaks, there is a chance that they will perform a heroic act, such as putting a grenade through an enemy bunker or pillbox.

    If morale is particularly low, the unit’s combat effectiveness when fighting will drop accordingly. In the worst case scenario units will freeze in combat. However, a player can bolster morale by bringing battle-weary units back from the front lines or sending in reinforcements to help out.

    Due to be published this autumn for PC, World War II* will capture the heroism of World War II’s most significant battles, including Operation Market Garden, and the Battle of the Bulge. With a range of Allied forces at their control, players will attempt to drive the Axis forces deep back inside their own territory. The game is currently in development at The Bitmap Brothers’ studio in east London.

    * World War II is a working title.

To see the screenshots, please go here.

Monday 21st January 2002

Speedball Arena articles
Posted: Monday, 21 January 2002

Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. Here’s a couple of SBA articles that have been posted over the last month or so.


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