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Friday 28th April 2000

Empire Interactive licence Leftfield track
Posted: Friday, 28 April 2000 10:05:09am GMT

    The Bitmap Brothers go left...

    Empire Interactive have slipped us the news tongue regarding their licensing of Leftfield’s track 6/8 War. Here's the goodness from the PR:

      Empire Interactive today announced that it has licensed the track "6/8 War" from Leftfield's album Rhythm & Stealth to feature in Speedball 2100. Developed by legendary game developers The Bitmap Brothers, Speedball 2100 is a modern update of the original brutal future-sport. In 6/8 War, Empire Interactive believes it has found just the right bass-tech back-beat to complement the game's 22nd Century sporting mayhem. How else do you convey a feeling of edge-of-the-seat excitement and an adrenaline-rush so strong it almost has the fizz to make you explode?

      Like the original speedball and it's super-sequel, Speedball 2, the forthcoming Speedball 2100 mixes traditional basketball ethics with a no-holds-barred approach to violence and a complete absence of rules. The aim is simple: slam the ball into your opponent's goal more times than he slams it in yours. But while the idea is straightforward the reality rarely is, as teams of power-suited players grapple for possession of a steel ball in an arena which boasts new features and collectible weaponry.  Join the newly-formed, 16-team Speedball league and get down to some of the wildest sporting action you have ever experienced.

    We like the sound of that.

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