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A two part interview with Z's designer, Eric Matthews.

Eric Matthews Interview Part 1 - File size = 2.7Mb

Eric Matthews Interview Part 2 - File  size = 3 Mb


A selection of the best video sequences. Click on the flag to select the language to download.

Lose Render - File size = 652 Kb

English Lose Render  French Lose Render German Lose Render Italian Lose Render Spanish Lose Render

Win Render - File size = 564 Kb

English Win Render  French Win Render German Win Render Italian Win Render Spanish Win Render

Travel Render - File size = 1.27 Mb

English Travel Render  French Travel Render German Travel Render Italian Travel Render Spanish Travel Render


Z AVI Demo - A 50 second demo of Z in-game action and cut scenes.

Z Promo - Small - File size = 1.6 Mb

Z Promo - Large - File size = 2.6 Mb

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