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Game Guides


Cadaver: The Payoff

The Chaos Engine


Speedball 2

Z: Single Player - Part One (includes level images) - 306kb
Z: Single Player - Part Two (includes level images) - 587kb
Z: Single Player - Part Three (includes level images) - 654kb

Z: Multiplayer - 2-Player (includes level images) - 473kb
Z: Multiplayer - 3-Player (includes level images) - 439kb
Z: Multiplayer - 4-Player (includes level images) - 620kb

Z: Steel Soldiers Guide (includes some level maps) - 288kb

Press Releases

EON Digital Entertainment - Z2 to be Renamed to Z: Steel Soldiers - 2Mb
This includes 9 new screenshots from the game.

Other Documents

game.exe’s Z: Steel Soldiers preview (Zipped in PDF Format) - 965kb
You will need to download Acrobat Reader to view these files

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