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Full Name:

Olly Dibben (Aliases: Wild Eep, Mr. Carrot/Carrot Cruncher)

Job Title/Dept.:

AI Programmer



Job Duties/Tasks:

Breathing life into cold pixels. If its dead, I bring it to life. If its stupid, I make it smart. If it gets too smart, we bring in the guns...

Projects Worked On/ Career Highlights:

Prior to the Bitmaps I was at uni studying 3D graphics, Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Life. I did a lot of work on the units in Z:SS, their animation and functionality, and the overall AI. I also added the wildlife.


Nerf guns, strange science, space travel and mythology.

Top Games:

Speedball 2, Unreal + UT, Half-Life, Driver, Elite

Top Movies:

Terminator 2, Akira, Aliens

Top Music Artists:

Orbital, Underworld, Death In Vegas, Photek

Top TV Show:

I'm a sci-fi and fantasy junkie, do I have to name them?

Top Snack:

M&Ms, Bassett's Liquorice Allsorts, anything with an 80% plus sugar content

Favourite Quote/Saying:

"If the goal posts were but cabres, then you sir are a tosser!"


Speedball 2100 (PSX) - Programmer
Z: Steel Soldiers (PC) - Programmer

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