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Full Name:

Bruce Nesbit

Job Title/Dept.:

Head Honcho of Blyth Catherdal :-) (Programmer)



Job Duties/Tasks:

All the boring bits no one else wants to do on World War II. :->

Projects Worked On/ Career Highlights:

Several titles too hideous to mention (mainly crappy sports games), Z and Z: Steel Soldiers


Cars, Music, Video games

Top Games:

Robotron, Grim Fandango, Gran Turismo and The Sims

Top Movies:

Dirty Harry, Big Lebowski

Top Music Artists:

Ramones, Motorhead

Top TV Show:

Aufweidersehen Pet. The Simpsons

Top Snack:

Hard boiled eggs and nuts. Chicken wings

Favourite Quote/Saying:

You cant throw me to the Lions - Im Charlton Heston


Wizzy's Mansion (BBC Micro) - Design/ Programming/ Art
Jack The Nipper (Canned) (BBC Micro) - Conversion Programming
Circus Games (Atari ST, Amiga) - Design/ Programming
Rodeo Games (Atari ST, Amiga) - Design/ Programming
Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz (Canned) (Amiga) - Conversion Programming
Krusty's Super Fun House (NES) - Programming
Winter Olympics (Amiga) - Design/ Programming
Z (PC) - Programmer
Speedball 2100 (PSX) - Programmer
Z: Steel Soldiers (PC) - Programmer

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