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Full Name:

Mike Montgomery

Job Title/Dept.:

Managing Director


Old, but not quite as old as Chris Maule :-)

Job Duties/Tasks:

Jack of all trades

Projects Worked On/ Career Highlights:

Having worked so long I have many highs and lows but always the great high is just finishing a game


Sailing, electronic gadgets

Top Games:

Dungeon Master

Top Movies:


Top Music Artists:

Pink Floyd, Brownstone

Top TV Show:


Top Snack:

Cold steak and kidney pies - good for hangovers

Favourite Quote/Saying:

Not printable


Cluedo (C64, Amstrad) - Programmer
Scrabble (C64, BBC, Spectrum, Mac, Amstrad, PCW, Thomson) - Programmer
Monopoly (Amstrad, PCW, Thomson) - Programmer
Mastermind (C64, Amstrad, Thomson) - Programmer
Dan Dare (C64) - Programmer
Karate (C64, Spectrum, Amiga) - Programmer
Xenon (Amiga, ST, C64) - Programmer/ Partner
Speedball (Amiga, ST ) - Programmer/ Partner
Xenon 2 (Amiga, ST, PC, Megadrive, SNES) - Programmer/ Partner
Cadaver (Amiga, ST, PC) - Programmer/ Partner
Speedball 2 (Amiga, ST, PC, Megadrive, SNES) - Programmer/ Partner
Cadaver: The Payoff (Amiga, ST, PC) - Programmer/ Partner
Gods (Amiga, ST, PC, Megadrive, SNES) - Programmer/ Partner
Magic Pockets (Amiga, ST, PC) - Programmer/ Partner
Chaos Engine (Amiga, PC) - Programmer/ Partner
Chaos Engine 2 (Amiga) - Programmer/ Partner
Z (PC, PlayStation, Saturn, Mac) - Programmer/ Partner
Speedball 2100 (PSX) - Programmer/ MD
Z: Steel Soldiers (PC) - Programmer/ MD


Ace Trailblazer - Speedball 2
Ace Trailblazer - Gods
European Computer Leisure Awards (1990) - Best Shoot-'em-up - Xenon 2
Fnac (1990) - Best Original Game - Speedball 2
Fnac (1990) - Adventure Game of the Year - Cadaver
Generation 4 D'or (1989) - Best Shoot-'em-up - Xenon 2
Golden Joystick Awards (1989) - Programmer of the Year 16-bit - The Bitmap Brothers
Golden Joystick Awards (1989) - Game of the Year 16-bit - Speedball
Golden Joystick Awards (1991) - Best Soundtrack 16-bit - Speedball 2
Indin (1989) - Technical Achievement Sound/Music 16-bit - Xenon 2
Indin (1990) - Arcade Game of the Year - Speedball 2
Indin (1991) - Game of the Year (Budget) - Xenon 2
Power Play (1993) - Best Multiplayer Game - Chaos Engine
Sega Inc. - The Third Party Seal of Quality Award (1993):- Product of the Year - Soldiers of Fortune (US name for Chaos Engine) - Best Action Product - Genesis (US name for Megadrive) - Soldiers of Fortune

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