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Full Name:

Ed Bartlett

Job Title/Dept.:

Business Development Director



Job Duties/Tasks:

Numerous and varied. Primarily researching and acting on new business opportunities but also heading up the design and development of Speedball Arena and producing the external conversions of our back catalogue


Golf, biking (trials/trails/downhill), rock climbing, gym/ yoga, clothes shopping, eating out, motorsport, racquet sports, retro furniture

Top Games:

Anything by Miyamoto-san; Halo and most FPS; Ferrari 355 and most racing sims; Saturn Bomberman, Soul Calibur, Speedball 2, Sensi Soccer, GTA3, System Shock 2, Deus Ex, MOH: AA, Defender, the list is endless...

Top Movies:

Again, too many to list: Tarantino, Scorcese, Lynch, Stone, Tron, Memento, All Pixar, Hotel (Mike Figgis arthouse flick), Taxi etc.

Top Music Artists:

Hugely varied: Fat City, Grand Central, Thievery Corporation, UK Hip-hop (Big Dada etc.), Bristol movement (Portishead, Massive Attack, Tricky etc.), Radiohead, Placebo, The Verve, Kruder & Dorfmeister

Top TV Show:

Jam/The Day Today/Brass Eye, Have I Got News For You, F1 coverage, Buzzcocks, 5th Gear, Driven, very little else

Favourite Quote/Saying:

Gold Master has been approved


Tilt! (PC/PSX/Saturn) - QA
Risk (PC) - QA
Battleships (PC) - QA
Cued Up (PC) - QA Manager/Additional Design
360x (PC) - QA Manager/Additional Design
Mass Destruction (PC, PSX, Saturn) - QA Manager/Design
2up Tilt (PC) - QA Manager
Bond Casino (PC) - Lead Designer
PSX Battleship (PSX) - Lead Designer
Outrage (PSX) - Lead Designer
Speedball 2100 (PSX) - QA Advisor
Xenon 2000: Project PCF (PC) - Design + Implementation
Speedball Pocket (Pocket PC) - QA Advisor
Z: Steel Soldiers (PC) - Design + Implementation
Magic Pockets (GBA) - Producer
Speedball 2 (GBA) Producer
Speedball Arena (multi) Team Lead/Lead Design

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