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The following are brief details of the Bitmap Brothers staff: -


The current management team consists of Mike Montgomery, Jamie Barber, Ed Bartlett, John Phillips, Trevor Barnes and Kolin Tregaskes – a team that boasts a wealth of experience in the computer games industry.

Managing Director: Mike Montgomery

ne of the original Bitmap Brothers, Montgomery is a natural leader, drawing on well over 15 years of management and industry experience.  Mike’s focus is to direct The Bitmap Brothers as it embarks on new projects and to mastermind its expansion plans for the future to become a world leader in games development.

Creative Director: Jamie Barber

Having spent time working for such companies as G.T.Interactive, Warner Interactive and Renegade, Jamie initially joined the company to oversee Technical Administration.  However, a passion for gameplay soon saw him helping with the design for the well received Z, and subsequently heading up the design team for the equally acclaimed sequel, Z: Steel Soldiers.  His role as Creative Director includes heading up the development of Codemasters’ RTS title, WW2: Frontline Command, as well as design input on all Bitmap Brothers titles.

Business Development Director: Ed Bartlett

With a broad knowledge base gleaned from a history spanning QA Management, Production, Product Acquisition and Senior Design roles, Ed’s current position as Business Development Director encompasses an equally broad range of roles, including overseeing the external production of the company’s GBA titles, heading up the development of Speedball Arena and researching future concepts and commercial avenues.

Technical Director: John M. Phillips

John, an award-winning programmer, joined The Bitmap Brothers in 1992, having been a professional programmer since 1984. Having worked on the original “Z”, Phillips was responsible for developing the cutting edge 3D engine for “Z: Steel Soldiers” over the past 5 years.  John is responsible for:

- ensuring the quality of programming undertaken for each project is of the highest standard;
· assisting in staff development and training; and
· investigating new methods and software packages available on the market.

Administration Manager: Kolin Tregaskes

Another ex-G.T. Interactive employee, where Kolin worked as Lead Tester on such high profile franchises as Total Annihilation and Unreal Tournament.  Following a year as code supervisor, he joined The Bitmap Brothers in March 2000 during the acquisition of G.T. Interactive by Infogrames, initially heading up the QA of Speedball 2100 and Z: Steel Soldiers.  His current role as Administration Manager sees him ensuring the efficiency of general company operations.

Project Manager: Trevor Barnes

Originally trained as a sound engineer, Trevor joined G.T. Interactive in early 1997 as an Assistant Producer, working on numerous AAA titles such as Duke Nukem and Discworld before being promoted to Producer, where he had input on the Driver and Worms franchises.  A move into development with the UK-listed company Argonaut saw him progress into Project Management.  He now fulfils this position for The Bitmap Brothers, dealing with issues such as scheduling, resource management and assisting with the development of new concepts.


Lead Programmer: Dave Cantrell

Dave is another of our team whose experience clocks in at over a decade. Having started off writing demos on the Commodore 64 and Amiga machines, Dave gained employment with Hewson before moving to Vivid Image where he worked on racing titles Street Racer and S.C.A.R.S. Dave subsequently joined The Bitmap Brothers at the beginning of 1999, heading up the programming on Z: Steel Soldiers.

As well as interfacing the game logic with the 3d engine, Dave’s role as Lead Programmer sees him liasing with the Heads of Department as well as overseeing the work of his programming team. Dave is currently working on our WW2 strategy title ‘WW2: Frontline Command’.

Programmer: Olly Dibben

Olly is our first University recruit, having completed a Computer Science degree at the UEA where he specialised in graphics and AI.

Olly joined us initially as junior programmer, but having proven his abilities he took over the AI on Z: Steel Soldiers, as well as being responsible for many of the unit and building functionalities. Olly is now heading up the programming on Speedball Arena, writing core functionality and implementing features.

Programmer: Bruce Nesbit

Bruce has been programming professionally since 1983, working on a number of sports titles for Audiogenic and Ocean before joining The Bitmap Brothers in 1994 to work on real-time strategy hits ‘Z’, and ‘Z: Steel Soldiers’.

Bruce’s main role has been the creation of the level editor for Z: Steel Soldiers, but he has also worked on various other parts including the control and menu systems. He is currently working on similar functionality for ‘WW2: Frontline Command


Lead Artist: Phil Young

Senior Artist: Mark Coleman

Mark has been with The Bitmap Brothers since the late 80’s and has had a hand in the graphics for every game we have released since Speedball, including Speedball 2. As well as working on Z: Steel Soldiers, Mark recently reprised his role on Xenon 2, creating some stunning graphics in his spare time for the PC Format Xenon 2000 project.

Mark has been working on various in-game graphics for Z: Steel Soldiers including unit, building and landscape design. He is currently creating in game content for ‘WW2: Frontline Command’.

Artist: Stewart Brownsmith

Stewart has been producing artwork for the games industry for nearly 5 years now. After leaving Art College with a Degree in Design and Animation, he started work with Krisalis Software, where he gained a wealth of experience working on a variety of projects and art packages.

Since joining The Bitmap Brothers, Stewart has been producing textured models and dressing levels for ‘WW2: Frontline Command’.

Artist: Dean Turner

Dean has been working in the games industry for over 9 years, starting as a level designer at Zeppelin games before moving into the artist role. Dean then moved on to Krisalis software, working on a number of high-profile titles before joining The Bitmap Brothers.

Dean is currently working on 3D models and textures for ‘WW2: Frontline Command’.


Designer: Alys Robinson

Alys joined the games industry in 1998, working for GT Interactive. Moving on to Eon Digital Entertainment, she worked as Assistant Producer on Z: Steel Soldiers. Having decided that design was more challenging and rewarding than production, she now works for us as in a design capacity.

Alys’ primary role is in general design features, although she also has input on the concept, implementation and testing of levels.

Lead Level Designer: Neil Jones-Rodway

After a spell working with an Internet publishing company in London, Neil was offered a position as a level designer for the Stroud arm of Psygnosis on the WW2 flight sim ‘Nations’. Upon completion of the game and after the announcement of the imminent closure of the studio, Neil had a well-earned break before joining The Bitmap Brothers in August 1999 as part of the level design team for Z: Steel Soldiers.

Neil’s primary role is in the concept, implementation and testing of levels, although he also has input on general design features.

Level Designer: Jamie Whitworth

Jamie previously worked for Z: Steel Soldiers publisher, Eon Digital Entertainment as a games analyst for the product. Having shown flair for RTS design, he now works for us in a level design capacity.

Jamie’s primary role is in the concept, implementation and testing of levels, although he also has input on general design features.

External Resources

Q Branch

Formed by ex-Bitmap Brothers Lead Artists, John Kershaw and Adam Norbury in June 2002, Q Branch is an external art resource creating graphical content for games and related industries.

Artist: John Kershaw

Having been in the industry for over 10 years with companies such as Graftgold and Bullfrog, and working in senior roles on titles such as PlayStation Syndicate Wars and Theme Park 2, John spent almost 5 years heading up the art team at The Bitmap Brothers.

As Head of Art, John was responsible for establishing and maintaining the visual style of our games. He was also responsible for art scheduling and liasing with the other Heads of Department and external companies as well as the day-to-day creation of in-game graphical content for Z: Steel Soldiers and WW2: Frontline Command.

Artist: Adam Norbury

With previous employers such as Psygnosis and Codemasters, Adam has worked on a number of high-profile games such as the TOCA Touring Car and Micro Machines series. After joining us in April 1999 Adam worked with John Kershaw and Mark Coleman creating models, textures and effects for Z: Steel Soldiers, as well as experimenting with promotional material and some concept graphics for our next generation games and most recently the in-game content for our WW2 RTS ‘WW2: Frontline Command’. 

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