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Full Name:

Stewart Brownsmith

Job Title/Dept.:




Job Duties/Tasks:

Producing textured models and dressing levels for WW2: Frontline Command

Projects Worked On/ Career Highlights:

See below


Badger baiting, embroidery

Top Games:

Kiss chase, Hide the sausage and Bingo

Top Movies:

Halloween 6, Nightmare on Elm Street 5, Star Wars Episode 3

Top Music Artists:

Chas and Dave, Mary Hopkins and Gwar

Top TV Show:

Jobfinder, Schools BBC2 (not Channel 4) and Watchdog Healthcheck

Top Snack:

Spam, garlic eclairs and Bovril flavoured chewing gum

Favourite Quote/Saying:

"It wasn't me officer! I was in all night watching tv."


WWII - Frontline Command (PC) - Artist
Popstar Maker (PSOne) - Artist
Black and White (PSOne) - Artist
Cricket 2000 (PSOne) - Artist
AFL 99 (PSOne) - Artist
Carmageddon (PSOne) - Artist
Airport Inc. (PC) - Artist

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