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Friday 4th Octover 2002

Steel Soldiers march on for £4.99
Bitmap Brothers classic is the latest recruit to Sold-Out range

Leading super-budget publisher Sold-Out has announced yet another major addition to its £4.99 range of PC titles in the form of Z: Steel Soldiers - the legendary real-time strategy title created by the equally renowned Bitmap Brothers.

Released to much acclaim and a clean sweep of high-scoring reviews in 2001, Z: Steel Soldiers is a breath-taking title from the innovative East London team - with one magazine even going as far as to describe it as ‘even more addictive than Pringles!’ Controlling an army of robots and a huge array of vehicles, the player is dropped into a series of scenarios whereupon they must use their firepower, strategic nous and cunning to seize control of a series of locations.

In addition to its intuitive control system and long-lasting gameplay, the aesthetic elements that helped establish the Bitmap Brothers as leaders in the UK development scene are apparent. Hugely entertaining cut-scenes are used to unveil the game’s plot, while these are married with sweeping and incredibly detailed landscapes, populated by enemy forces that boast incredible AI. It all combines to create a landmark RTS title - and an extremely welcome addition to Sold-Out’s £4.99 range. A release date will be confirmed at a later date.

Z: Steel Soldiers is a special title to us as it shows that we are as capable of creating high-quality and original titles, as ever.” said Mike Montgomery, Managing Director of the Bitmap Brothers. “We are also pleased that it can now be offered to a wider audience at an affordable price.”

“This is a major, major addition to the Sold-Out range,” added Managing Director Garry Williams. “Z: Steel Soldiers is widely regarded as one of the best PC titles in recent years, scoring at least 90% in all PC Mags. We will add sales that make this title move like a Sherman tank, sliding down hill on Rollerskates, with a gale force wind behind it!”

Press contact:
Tamasen Franks or Danielle Woodyatt at Lunch PR
T 020 7633 0633
F 020 7633 0699

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