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Friday 13th Septebmer 2002

12 years after the original smash hit on Amiga and Atari ST, get to grips with the bloodiest game in the history of sport on Game Boy Advance: Speedball 2 - Brutal Deluxe.

This fierce sport doesn’t follow any of the rules we’re familiar with…

The story so far…

2095 AD. The passing of a law outlawing public meetings and the continuing decline of traditional sports contribute to the appearance of a brutal and violent new street sport called Speedball. Played in a closed arena, the game consists of two five-player teams - wearing heavy body armour - battling to score goals with a heavy metal ball. However, the game is soon overrun by corruption and violence and it spirals out of control, ending in fiasco…

2100 AD. The sport is reorganised with the aim of regaining the public’s interest. To this end, the Speedball Players’ Association is formed and a new sixteen team Speedball World Championship founded. Speedball 2 has arrived!

Rediscover the unbelievable violence of the original in a brand new environment: a 22nd century arena in which your team, Brutal Deluxe, is the least respected… It’s up to you to turn them into champions!

Innovative game modes

- Knock Out: Play against the computer to train your team by facing progressively stronger opposition. Beaten teams will be unlocked and will become available in Quick Start mode.
- Championship: Be it in the Championship or the Cup, you control Brutal Deluxe, the least respected team in Division 2. Seasons last 14 weeks and your aim is to be promoted to Division 1 by finishing first.
- Cup: This is a knockout competition played over 4 rounds.
- Quick Start: This is a good means of getting used to the game without having to take part in the Championship or the Cup.

The possibility of picking up interactive items to earn extra points or power bonuses is just one of the new additions to Speedball 2.

One of the originalities of Speedball 2 is the possibility of managing your team by buying and selling players and/or by improving their abilities (aggressiveness, attack, speed, intelligence…)

These can also be improved while on the pitch by using special weapons and body armour.

For example, pick up a ‘freeze team’ token to freeze your opponents for six seconds or collect a new piece of body armour such as the elbow pad to increase throwing power.


- Arcade / action game with unique gameplay
- Up to 2 players in Link mode
- Different game modes - championship, cup…
- Possibility of improving players’ abilities
- Short intense matches which are perfectly suited to Game Boy Advance

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