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Z: Steel Soldiers: Press Release - Z: Steel Soldiers invade the Internet!

London - 22 May 2001

Z:Steel Soldiers attack the internet as the dedicated website now goes live. A whole host of features and information will keep visitors to the website coming back for more!

Centred from the HQ or home page, the visitor will be able to download a wealth of data ranging from screenshots to movies and playable demos. Venture into the demilitarised zone for hints and tips and classified information on the legendary Bitmap Brothers.

And there’s more…

…a separate section enables the surfer to download wallpaper of their favourite mechanical soldier. Delve into a dossier for background information on the diverse range of characters that feature in Z:Steel Soldiers. A bulletin board enables the user to chat on line with fellow Z:Steel Soldier fans and discuss tactical manoeuvres!
This superb website will also feature fabulous competitions with a whole host of prizes and exclusive Z:Steel Soldiers merchandise up for grabs! Log on to and find out more about the robots that have a taste for war and a warped sense of humour!

To view the FAQ on Z: Steel Soldiers, please go here.

For more information about EON, please go here.

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