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Z: Steel Soldiers: Press Release - The Battle Begins

Bitmap Brothers and EON unleash the ultimate corporate battle…Z: Steel Soldiers, the long-awaited PC arcade strategy epic developed by the Bitmap Brothers and published via EON Digital Entertainment is to be released on 8th June. After 509 years of war, an uneasy cease-fire exists between the two vast war machines of TransGlobal Industries and the MegaCom Corporation. The final phase of the peace initiative is only hours away when renegade troops led by Captain Zod shoot down an enemy cargo ship in the De-militarised Zone. What follows is a stunning blend of arcade and strategy elements as the player is dropped into the heat of battle.

Join forces with Captain Zod in this epic adventure and find out for yourself as you battle against the odds, fight against the authorities, and ultimately race against time in one adrenaline-fuelled, last-ditch effort to avert impending disaster and annihilation. When you take control of your Steel Soldiers unit, you’d better hit the ground running! 30 distinct levels spanning six unique worlds - from lush forests to arid deserts - can be experienced, and each location throws up challenges associated with its terrain. Thankfully, these can be countered via Z: Steel Soldiers’ incredible array of hardware and assault vehicles. 30 military units are on offer, comprising land, air and sea-based transport - most of which are armed to the teeth!

Boasting stunning aesthetics that include real-time lighting, shadows and dust effects, the most advanced AI yet seen in an RTS and an 8-player LAN mode for multi-player action, Z: Steel Soldiers’ is all set to conquer the PC market!

To view the FAQ on Z: Steel Soldiers, please go here.

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