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Tuesday 26th September 2000

Official Xenon 2000 Press Release
Posted Tuesday, 26 September 2000


The Bitmap Brothers programme and design an exclusive level of Xenon 2000 PC for Future Publishing's PC Format magazine.

London, UK, 26th September 2000

The Bitmap Brothers announced today that it has programmed and designed an exclusive level of Xenon 2000 on PC for Future Publishing's widely respected PC Format magazine. In a coup for PC Format, its readers will be guided into recreating the level themselves, in a step-by-step six month course serialised within the magazine.

"The exclusive Xenon 2000 level idea came from PC Format," revealed Mike Montgomery, Managing Director, The Bitmap Brothers, "and we were delighted to undertake the project. PC Format is definitely one of our favourite magazines and it's been a real joy to work with them. I'm sure the readers will really enjoy re-creating the Xenon 2000 level."

The stunning graphics for the Xenon 2000 level were created by The Bitmaps' Mark Coleman, who was the artist behind the original Xenon 2, Gods and Z, whilst the programming was handled by John Phillips, who is responsible for the Z2 3-D game engine. The design of the game and co-ordination of the level was by Ed Bartlett and the audio provided by Chris Maule who is also working on the atmospheric in-game audio for Z2

"We've been fans of the Bitmaps since the early days of Speedball, and of course we fondly remember the original Xenon," said Dan Hutchinson, Editor of PC Format. "So it was a great pleasure to be working with the team on this creative project. Our readers will be thrilled by the game development tips we're able to share with them."

The first part of the series will be published in the November issue of PC Format, on sale October 20th 2000.

Regarded as one of the leading UK software developers of the Eighties, The Bitmap Brothers are currently riding on the crest of the wave generated by the imminent release of Speedball 2100; the PlayStation follow-up to its classic Speedball 2 from the Amiga and Atari ST home computing era and Z2 on PC which received an enthusiastic reception at the recent ECTS.

About The Bitmap Brothers

Established over 13 years ago and based in Wapping, London and Harrogate in the North of England, the legendary Bitmap Brothers employ over 20 programmers and artists and are one of the UK's leading independent development studios. The Bitmap Brothers are currently entering final stages of development on two highly anticipated titles, Z2 for PC, due Q1 2001 through Eon Digital Entertainment and Speedball 2100 for PlayStation to be published by Empire this Autumn.

About PC Format

Launched in 1991, PC Format has remained at the forefront of computer entertainment as the market leader. The current ABC is well over 101,000, and the mag has a strong reputation for delivering the finest games coverage and the best demos first. Based in Bath, the team is part of Future Publishing's successful magazine network and employs 11 dedicated editorial staff, producing both a CD- and a DVD-based edition every month. Daily PC news is mailed out by the team to 10,000 subscribers - find out more at

For more information about The Bitmap Brothers, log on to the web site:

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