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Speedball 2100: Press Release -18th September 2000

18th September 2000


The official release date for Speedball 2100 (PSX) has been confirmed as 29th September 2000. Please check out the official web site at or go to Empire's site for more information at

CTW gave Speedball 2100 the 'Game of the Week' award.

The Bitmaps return after going AWOL for a Stone Roses-esque period of time, but will the increasingly young PlayStation audience care? After all Lara Croft wasn't even around the last time the lads blessed us with a game.

The spiky mix of Rugby, Basketball and British Bulldog combine as effectively as it did ten years back, to deliver the only violent future sport game that has ever worked.

The visuals are unlikely to wow many, being in essence not that different to the Amiga version, with a bit of coloured lighting, but forget about and instead embrace the fact one of the all-time classics has finally returned.

The balance between satisfying single and multiplayer has been tackled with aplomb, with a multitude of cups and leagues, and even management options to keep the interest going. Bronze, Silver and Gold modes a jump, it's much easier to rough up opponents than it used to be, and feels even more like the no-holds-barred shoot and score fest that it purports to be. As ever, the amusing crowd noises (ice cream!, hot dogs!, etc) gives it a pleasing atmosphere, and thank the lord, there's no hideous cod-rock music to have us reaching for the volume button.

Many hard core gamers will be wondering why the Bitmaps chose to go for the basic top down viewpoint, instead of the now ubiquitous 3D stadium approach, and it's a good question. But really such questions disappear once you get into the game. With no specialist press reviews out yet, it's hard to say what the general consensus is yet, but take it from me - it's a classic.

Press comments:

OPM: "S'ball has never looked better!
Play: "The mother of all sports games"
Power: "Exciting and playable"
PSX Pro: "Bloody marvellous"
Edge: "Speedball is about the thrill of the arcade, not a delightfully lofted free kick!"

Article taken from Computer Trade Weekly (CTW)


Empire Interactive

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