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The following press release was issued on the 16th May 2002.

Thursday 16th May 2002

Crawfish to play Gods!

Bitmap Brothers classics to be brought back to life!

16 May 2002, Croydon, Surrey, UK.  Crawfish Entertainment is today delighted to announce plans to reinvent three classic Bitmap Brothers' games on the GameBoy Advance. The critically acclaimed trio of Gods (1991), Magic Pockets (1991) and Chaos Engine (1993) are set to wow gamers all over again as Crawfish brings all the magic of these sensational games to the leading handheld gaming platform.

For Crawfish Entertainment, the opportunity to work on bringing such celebrated titles to the GameBoy Advance was clearly too good to miss. "We're all gaming enthusiasts here" commented Mike Merren, Development Director of Crawfish Interactive, " and, like thousands of others, spent days glued to our screens while playing through these classic games when they were first released. We're absolutely thrilled to have the chance to turn these classics into exciting and original games for the GBA. Like crafting a remake of a celebrated movie, our aim from the start has been to capture everything that's special about the original games and then take them that little bit further, making them stand out as great games in their own right."

Mike Montgomery, Managing Director of The Bitmap Brothers added, "We're clearly excited about bringing our classic titles to a new audience and there is no finer handheld developer to do the job.  Crawfish were an obvious choice - not only do they have the expertise they also have a passion for our games, we know we're in safe hands."

Written specifically for the GameBoy Advance, each release retains all the compelling qualities of its original while at the same time adding new features, maps and enhanced gameplay that's sure to win over fans of these fondly remembered classics as well as a whole new generation of gamers.


This ancient Greek platform adventure challenges players to prove their immortality against a host of demons. One of the first games to feature intelligence parameters that allowed adversaries to 'think' about how to defeat you, Gods was a landmark title upon its release in the early 90s. The GameBoy Advance version is just as exceptional, with numerous new level designs and improved graphics complementing the familiar Bitmap Brothers gameplay. The original levels can be unlocked by completing the game.

Magic Pockets

With his baseball cap and shades Bitmap Kid is the epitome of cool, but when someone steals his toys all hell breaks loose. A riotous romp through four richly detailed worlds, Magic Pockets became an instant fave with gamers of all ages when it was released in 1991. This exhilarating remake boasts additional maps woven into the original game structure and some graphical fine-tuning that brings out the very best in Bitmap Kid.

Chaos Engine

One of the most revered games of its generation, Chaos Engine's relentless action, stunning visuals and unforgettable cast of characters made it a memorable playing experience. With six mercenaries to choose from and over 25 explosive weapons, the GBA version matches the breathtaking action of its illustrious predecessor. Set across four worlds and due for release later this year, Chaos Engine supports up to four gamers, with brand new, specifically designed maps guaranteeing thrilling multiplayer action. The game can be played by two, three or four players, with the aggressive AI ensuring a good fight time after time. In all, the game features 16 levels in two player mode, with a further 16 for four players.

About The Bitmap Brothers

Founded in 1987, The Bitmap Brothers are the original 'rock star' developers - a small, but highly successful development team with a history of creating unique, critically and commercially acclaimed IP. Continually striving for originality, attention to detail and new levels of playability, the company has been responsible for several of the games industry's most memorable titles, and have developed for nearly ever hardware iteration to date. Based in Wapping, East London, The Bitmap Brothers are currently working on a WW2 RTS title for Codemasters as well as targeting next-gen platforms with concepts including a follow-up to the multi-million selling Speedball series, Speedball Arena. For further information, visit:

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