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13th May 2002 - The Bitmap Brothers restructure ready for expansion Press Release

Games - World War II: Frontline Command

The true battlefield experience comes to PC in World War II: Frontline Command
26th February 2002 Press Release
23rd November 2001 Press Release

Games - Speedball Arena

No official press releases as yet

Games - Handheld Titles

13th September 2002 - Speedball 2 GBA Released
30th July 2002 - Speedball 2™ Anarchistic Future Sport Smashes its way onto Pocket PC
16th May 2002 - Crawfish to play Gods Press Release
20th July 2001 - Speedball 2 gets ĎAdvancedí Press Release

Games - Xenon 2000: Project PCF

26th Septermber 2000 - Official Xenon 2000 Press Release

Games - Z: Steel Soldiers

4th October 2002 - Z: Steel Soldiers released on Sold-Out label
22nd May 2001 - Z: Steel Soldiers invade the Internet!
22nd May 2001 - Z: Steel Soldiers poised for global attack
22nd May 2001 - Z: Steel Soldiers The Battle Begins
9th February 2001  - Cool Beans Press Release
30th October 2000 - Z2 changes to Z: Steel Soldiers
30th October 2000 - Z2 Press Release
24th August 2000 - Z2 Press Release

Games - Speedball 2100

18th September 2000 - Official Release date announced Press Release

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