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Founded in 1987, The Bitmap Brothers are the original ‘rock star’ developers: a small but highly successful development team with a history of creating unique, critically and commercially acclaimed IP. Continually striving for originality, attention to detail and new levels of playability, the company has been responsible for several of the games industry’s most memorable titles, and have developed for nearly every hardware iteration to date.

The first game from The Bitmap Brothers, Xenon, was released in 1988. A sophisticated shoot-‘em up that, through a combination of cutting-edge graphics and challenging gameplay became the first Amiga game to enter the UK top 40 charts, selling over 100 000 units. In the same year, The Bitmap Brothers immediately followed the success of Xenon with the seminal future-sport game Speedball, a mesmerising arcade sports sim praised as one of the greatest two-player games ever designed and recipient of countless awards.

Ten further games: Magic Pockets, Gods, Cadaver, Xenon 2, Speedball 2, The Chaos Engine, The Chaos Engine 2, Z, Speedball 2100 and most recently the critically acclaimed RTS hit; Z: Steel Soldiers complete the company’s multi award-winning back catalogue to date.

Current development is focused on forthcoming WW2 RTS epic ‘WW2: Frontline Command’, which is to be published by fellow UK veterans Codemasters in Q3 2002, with prototype work recently completed on a follow up to the multi-million selling Speedball series currently garnering much interest from press and publishers alike. The Bitmap Brothers have also exclusively licensed their famous 16-bit back catalogue titles to Crawfish Interactive for conversion to GameBoy Advance and Pocket PC platforms, with Speedball 2 due for release by Wanadoo in Q3 2002.

Based in plush riverside warehouse offices in Wapping, East London, The Bitmap Brothers MD Mike Montgomery has successfully driven the company forward, investing in personnel and equipment and creating a management foundation that will enable the company to develop a new range of next-generation games software. The Bitmap Brothers remain fiercely independent and entirely privately owned, and are in the process of expansion and diversification.

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